How to change Bing search engine to Google in Microsoft Edge Chromium?

Microsoft and its new web browser update comes with many exceptional features that have positioned it even higher than the popular Mozilla Firefox. However, its default search engine is Bing, many do not want this. The good thing is that you can change the search engine Bing to Google, and put it by default.

Doing this is quite simple, and it is one of its new options that differentiates it from the previous Edge . Only it can be a bit difficult to find the way to do it. Likewise, you can make use of Chrome, Yahoo! or Ask.

Get rid of the default options, manage to change the search engine Bing to Google

You must bear in mind before changing the search engine Bing to Google , that, to have a special search engine, you must first have used it through the web.

This is because Microsoft Edge Chromium is making a list with all the search engines. You will even see that those such as YouTube or some other page may appear. If you have Microsoft Edge on your Android phone, you can also set Google as your default search engine.

  • On the main page of the browser, open the menu that leaves the three points located on the right of it. While there, select “Settings”, this is near the end of the list of options. It is represented by the nut icon.
  • Find the option “Privacy and services” and click it. This is on the left side of the menu. In the list of options look for ” Address bar ” near the end, if you press it you will see how Bing is by default.
  • It is located in a drop-down menu on the right side of the screen. In this, there are the other search engine options to change the search engine Bing to Google, you can also find Duck .
  • If you want to add or change the search engine for another, but it does not appear, you can include it in the list. For this, select “Manage search engines.” This is the manual method in case you have entered the webs directly.
  • Click the “Add” button in the upper right to begin. In the sale that will pop up, fill in the three fields. The name of the search engine, the key and the URL. Then just hit “Save” and you’re done. You managed to switch the Bing search engine to Google.

In addition to adding, remove

An advantage is that, in this same section of the search engine manager, you will be able to see those that you already searched for as mentioned above. And, you can remove them, just go to the three dots located next to the name.

Microsoft Edge and Edge Chromium

This browser was born as the new and improved version of the previous Edge, it is not just an update . This is due to the fact that the company did not have the expected receptivity to the launch of the first child, but quite the opposite. Instead, now it presents up to a 10% increase in its performance.

If you wonder what Chromium means, it is because it is its base, a system made from open source and totally free . Now available even for Mac.

In addition to Microsoft Edge and Edge Chromium, there are many very popular browsers today that also work efficiently.

Some features

It is much more compatible with other websites, it has much more stability and it is fast. It could also be said that it is much stronger. Since, it has better security protocols and has much more capacity for Chrome extensions. Microsoft Edge you can activate secret configuration menu options .

And if you like movies or watch a lot of series, guess what? The search engine supports 4K resolution for video platforms such as Netflix or YouTube. Also, you can play Dolby and Dolby Vision audio.

Finally, although Microsoft announced that they would no longer carry out updates for their other operating systems, this search engine can be used even in Windows 7.

One of the advantages that Microsoft Edge has is that it allows you to view and manage the saved passwords of different web pages.

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