How to change app icons on Android phones

Android is synonymous with customization. If you like to personalize your mobile device to the maximum in the Play Store as outside of it, you have a large number of applications and tricks that will help you to give your smartphone a personal touch, including the possibility of changing the application icons.

Changing the icons of the applications is one of the functions most liked by those who love customization, a function that came to iOS recently but is still far from what Android has traditionally always offered us . In addition, it is many cases, it always depends on the application itself, not on third parties.


  • 1 Options for changing application icons
  • 2 Change application icons through the system
  • 3 Personalization themes to change icons on Android
  • 4 Application Launchers with Icon Support
    • 1 Microsoft Launcher
    • 2 Pixel Launcher
    • 3 LITTLE Launcher
    • 4 Action Launcher
  • 5 Icon Apps for Android
    • 1 Icon Pack Studio
    • 2 Whicons – White Icon Pack
    • 3 Minma Icon Pack
    • 4 Viral Icon Pack

Options to change application icons

The number of options that we have at our disposal to customize the icons of the applications is quite wide and not only does it not force us to resort to third-party applications available in the Play Store that are associated with certain themes, themes that modify both the colors of the user interface as the color and shape of the application icons.

Although it is true that using customization themes applications, the most comfortable and quick to use, we can also use Android launchers , Nova Launcher being the best known within Android and the one that offers us a greater number of customization options.

If you choose a launcher to change the aesthetics of your smartphone, you must bear in mind that it must offer support for icon packs, icon packs that we can find, in large numbers, in the Play Store by doing a simple search.

Change application icons through the system

Although not many users know about this option, depending on the terminal, we can modify the design of the icons of all the applications without having to install any third-party applications.

That is, if they are square, we can make them oval, square, rectangular, in the shape of a lágrica … without the need to install any application on the device. We only need to access the terminal’s developer options.

This menu is displayed after repeatedly clicking on the Android build number of our terminal. Being an option that allows access to system functions for which it is necessary to have certain knowledge, Google does not enable this option natively.

Personalization themes to change icons on Android

If you want to go a step further since the developer options do not meet your needs, you can make use of the customization themes available in the Play Store. These themes modify the appearance of our terminal, including the icons to adapt them to the wallpaper it includes.

We could say that it is like a layer of personalization similar to the one that manufacturers offer us . Sometimes, some of these applications also modify the application launcher, the application access menu, an option that we do not have to activate on a mandatory basis.

If you have a Samsung smartphone, the number of options available for a device is very high through the Galaxy Store , where we have at our disposal an endless number of theme applications to personalize our smartphone.

If you have a smartphone from another manufacturer that in turn includes its own store, you should take a look since it will probably also include a large number of options.

If you don’t have any of these smartphones, you can visit the Play Store and enter the words “customization themes” in the search box to see all the options we have at our disposal. Of course, the number of options is smaller than that offered by the respective manufacturers’ application stores.

Application launchers with icon support

The king of application launchers available in the Play Store is Nova Launcher , a launcher that is priced at 5.49 euros in the Play Store and that offers us endless options to customize our device. In addition, if we use the icon pack available in the Play Store, the number of options is practically infinite.

The first thing you should do before downloading an icon pack is to check if it is compatible with the application launcher that we have installed. If not, the application will not recognize it and we will never be able to use them on our smartphone.

In addition to Nova Launcher, other launchers that we have at our disposal in the Play Store are:

Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft Launcher makes available to us all the applications that Microsoft offers us for free (including paid versions) to always have them at hand . In addition, it offers us a highly customizable theme that allows us to maintain the applications that we already had or use the one that it offers us with the company’s applications.

It includes a dark mode , it is compatible with vertical and horizontal mode, it shows us a different background image every day thanks to Bing and it allows us to change the icons through the options available in the Play Store.

Microsoft Launcher is available for download completely free of charge . With a rating of 4.7 stars out of 5 possible, this is one of the most popular launchers in the Google app store.


Microsoft Launcher

Developer: Microsoft Corporation

Price: Free

Pixel Launcher

If you want to enjoy the Google interface on the Pixel , in the Play Store, the search giant offers us the Pixel Launcher application, an application that shows us the rounded icons typical of these terminals, along with an access to the Google search bar, favorites section and suggestions of applications to use …

As a user of a Pixel, I personally recommend using this launcher for its extreme simplicity and utility. This launcher, like most of the services that Google offers us, we can download it for free through the following link.


Pixel Launcher

Developer: Google LLC

Price: Free

LITTLE Launcher

Xiaomi, owner of POCO, puts at our disposal the POCO Launcher application, an application that brings the design of the POCO terminals to our terminal , including both the application icons such as the application drawer, the menu design …

Through this launcher with a minimalist design, we can hide applications , create groups of applications to have them all at hand, use custom image backgrounds including animations as well as being compatible with most icon applications available in the Play Store.

POCO Launcher is available for download completely free , includes ads but no in-app purchases.


LITTLE Launcher

Developer: Xiaomi Inc.

Price: Free

Action Launcher

One of the strengths of this application, if you are already using another launcher is that it allows us to use the design of other applications of this type such as Apex Launcher, Nova Launcher, Pixel Launcher …

It is compatible with a large number of icon packs available in the Play Store, includes a search bar at the top of the screen, allows us to add shortcuts to run applications, shows us the applications in folders with a very attractive animation …

Action Launcher is available for download completely free of charge , it includes ads and in-app purchases to activate all the options and remove the ads.


Action Launcher

Developer: Action Launcher

Price: Free

Icon apps for Android

Most of the launchers that I have shown you in the previous section are compatible with icon applications. Speaking of icon applications, in the Play Store we have a large number of them, so if we don’t want to waste time looking for which one best suits our tastes, we can use the search box by entering the terms “thematic icon pack” , substituting the thematic word for what we are looking for.

It is advisable to use some of the applications that we show you below, since they have been in the Play Store for quite some years and do not run the risk of disappearing . If we use icon applications that, due to the content they offer us, have the risk of disappearing, we can download the application on our computer to be able to keep it in the future.

Icon Pack Studio

One of the applications that offers the greatest number of options in terms of icons is Icon Pack Studio, an application that allows us to create and customize the icons of our applications by adding special effects such as lights, shadows, bezels and even textures.

Icon Pack Studio is available for download for free , it does not include ads but if you buy in-app to unlock access to all icon packs and functions that it offers us.


Icon Pack Studio

Developer: Smart Launcher Team

Price: Free

Whicons – White Icon Pack

Whicons puts at our disposal more than 7000 icons, all of them in white color that allows us to replace the icons of more than 30,000 applications. It is compatible with most launchers such as Nova, Lawnchair, ADW, Microsoft, POCO …

Whicons is available for download for free , it does not include ads but if you buy in-app to unlock access to all the functions it offers us.

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