How to change and configure DNS on Windows, MacOS and Linux?

If you wonder how to change and configure DNS in Windows, MacOS and Linux? Then you should read the following information that we have for you, because here we will teach you in the easiest way how to perform this important procedure.

What is the DNS address on computers?

You must bear in mind that DNS addresses have great control of what we can do while surfing the Internet. It is for this reason that, in the face of blockages by our provider, making a change in the DNS address , it is possible to access those blocked websites.

In fact, it is also possible to encrypt DNS traffic to avoid being tracked , this and much more is possible by knowing these network parameters in depth.

In the same way, to protect our security, we can manually set a reliable DNS address, something that will give us much more security when browsing the Internet. The truth is that it is convenient to know what DNS Hijacking is , but before suffering any problem of these characteristics, there are certain measures you can take.

Read the following guide to learn how to protect your computer by making a proper DNS configuration.

How to change and configure DNS on Windows, MacOS and Linux?

Depending on the Operating System you have, the change and DNS configuration is different, so we invite you to see the appropriate guide depending on the OS you have installed on your computer.

Even so, before anything else, it is best to know the IP address, DNS and the gateway of the Router and your computer or device. Without further ado, let’s continue.

Change DNS Windows

In the case of Windows, changing the DNS address is a relatively straightforward process. Something that you should know when the need to do so arises, if you have doubts, do not worry, you just have to follow this guide:

  1. To carry out this procedure, it will be necessary to go to the “Control Panel” space where multiple system configurations can be made. You can access it by clicking on Start and typing “Control Panel” .
  2. Click on the option “Network and Sharing Center “. Once you are there it is time to look for the network adapter option.
  3. Click on “Change adapter configuration” it is possible that several options appear, make sure to select the one you use, that is, if you have a Wi-Fi network, this is the one you must select, while if it is wired you have to choose the Ethernet option .
  4. Now right click on the network you want to configure and click on “Properties”.
  5. Locate the option “Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP / IPv4)” by double clicking on this option.
  6. At the bottom you will see the option “Use the following DNS server addresses” to configure as you like. For example, to configure according to the Google address, you should put in the “Preferred DNS server” section, while for “Alternate DNS server” the address would be the following

Change DNS Mac

In the same way, the procedure on a Mac computer is not complicated, by following our tutorial you can do it easily. In the case of macOS, to change the DNS address, you should follow these steps:

  1. You will have to go to the configuration menu, which can be done by clicking on the Mac start icon. Then click on the “System Preferences” option .
  2. All the configuration options of your system will be displayed on the screen, locate the “Network” section and click on it.
  3. As you will see, there are many network configuration options, but in this case you will have to click on “DNS”.
  4. Now, you have to click on the plus symbol (+) located right next to “IPv4 or IPv6 addresses” .
  5. You will have to repeat the procedure to put each one of the addresses that you want to add, for example, in the case of Google it should first include and then

Change Linux DNS

The Linux operating system has many versions, but it is also possible to change the DNS address very easily, a process that you can do by following these steps:

  1. The easiest way to perform the DNS change and configuration procedure is through the configuration options provided by the operating system.
  2. Then go to the Linux configuration options, a space in which you must locate the “Networks / network” section .
  3. By clicking here, you must locate the section “Server name” and proceed to change the information that is there for the one you need to provide. In this way you will have properly changed the DNS server in the Linux operating system

After the previous processes, regardless of the operating system you are running, we recommend cleaning or clearing the DNS cache of a router . An action that is recommended to take from time to time and more if your network is very crowded.


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