How to change account in Clash Royale?

If you thought the Supercell Clash Royale game couldn’t get any better, you should know that you are completely wrong. Since thanks to the most recent updates a function that everyone wanted was added. That is why today you will learn How to change account in Clash Royale?

If you have been excited about this, then you are a true fan of this title, because in the community of followers for a few years now the creators were being asked for a way to create another account or have two accounts . Thanks to listening, that is already a reality.

How to Change Account in Clash Royale You can now have two accounts!

How to change account in Clash Royale?

To get straight to the point, the process that will help you change your account in Clash Royale is through the Supercell ID or Supercell account, so you will do everything within the game and not with a third-party APP (which can also be ).

The first thing you have to do is open your game, then go to the icon with the three horizontal bars that is in the upper right corner of the screen and press it. This will open a drop-down of options, where you must click “Settings”.

With this action a new section will open where you can enter your Supercell ID . In the event that you have not yet linked your first account, you will have to do so. You do this by clicking on the “Login” button, and entering the email and the confirmation key.

Once you have done it, the game will restart and you will now be connected to your new ID. To change to another account you must click the “Close session” button found in the same section above, with that the game will restart again and will give you two options, enter with or without Supercell ID.

Click on the button that indicates that you want to enter with it, but instead of proceeding with your account, press the button “Sign in with another ID”, this will allow you to switch from account to another immediately (you must have that other account linked to the Supercell service of course). With that you can change your account and also recover a Clash Royale account on Android and iPhone if you lose it.

An old but functional method

With the above, the initial question of How to change account in Clash Royale has been answered  , but so that you have more variety when doing it, you can also use this other method.

Before explaining it, you have to keep in mind that this will not allow you to change from one account to another, but rather it will let you have another account open at the same time on your phone.

You can achieve this using a third-party APP that allows you to clone applications such as: 64-bit Parallel Space , this can be found for free in the Google Play Store . Once you have it on your mobile, open it and configure it with the steps indicated there (they are simple).

Then simply touch the Clash Royale icon that will appear on the initial screen of said application, and press the button below called “Add to Parallel”. With this action, a copy of the game will immediately be created, which upon opening it will have an initial account with nothing.

Within it you can enter the data of your other account and play as if it were the App that you originally downloaded. This method is completely legal and will not affect the base game at all.

So that is already answered in a more than complete way the question How to change account in Clash Royale? , the only thing left to do is go to your mobile and follow any of the tricks to be able to play with all your accounts easily on the same device, and in case you have one and want another, you can always create an account free in Clash Royale .


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