How to catch Sandile in Pokémon Go

Pokémon are everywhere in Pokémon Go, and finding the new ones when they come out in the game is all about traveling the world to find them in their respective ecosystems. Some of these Pokémon are on the beaches, and others in the middle of the forests, corresponding to their ideal way of life, considering the type of Pokémon they are. The rarer ones are usually hatched from eggs, which means you can only receive them by meeting the walking requirements and hatching them.

For those looking for Sandile, you won’t be able to find it on a beach or on a sunny day. Instead, you must receive it from a specific egg, a strange egg commonly known as a red egg because of its color pattern. Unlike the traditional Eggs you receive for spinning a Poké Stop or Gym Disc or the one you receive from friends who send you gifts, a Strange is only obtained by beating one of the Team leaders. Rocket. You have to fight Sierra, Cliff, or Arlo to win the egg. You should also make sure that you have a spare egg slot in your inventory, otherwise you will not receive the egg.

Once you have the egg, it has the longest distance required for hatching. You need 12 kilometers to hatch, and once you put it in an incubator and meet that requirement, you can see what’s in it. It won’t always be a Sandile, but it’s the only way to capture it. You may have to go up against multiple Team Rocket bosses to try and catch him. Finally, after earning enough candies, you can turn him into Krookodile.

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