How to catch Pawniard in Pokémon Go

For those who want to complete their Poké Dex in Pokémon Go, you must do everything possible to locate Pokémon from all over the world. They will not all be available in the same place, and some of them are region specific. Other Pokémon require you to hatch them through eggs, which means you not only have to walk a lot, but you must be lucky enough to hatch them.

Pawniard is one of those Pokémon. They were introduced alongside An Inter-egg-sting Development, and the big event also introduced a brand new red egg, more commonly known as Strange Eggs. You won’t receive these Eggs for spinning Poké Stops or Gym Discs, or even getting gifts from in-game friends. Instead, the only way to get a Red Egg is to beat one. of the three leaders of Team Rock: Sierra, Cliff or Arlo. You need to make sure that before you try to challenge them to a battle you have a free egg slot in your inventory, otherwise you will not receive one.

Once you have the red egg in your inventory, you can place it in any of your available incubators to work on hatching. The base walk required is 12 kilometers, which is the longest distance you can walk for a single egg in Pokémon Go. Make sure to bring your walking shoes to reach it.

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