How to cast my PC screen to a Smart TV with Chromecast

Welcome! In the case that you have bought a Chromecast device recently and you are not very clear about what you should do to get the most out of it, then you have reached the appropriate post. Later we will talk to you in great detail about an interesting function of this device that few take into account.

Basically we will teach you how to configure your Chromecast with your PC or Android to cast your PC  screen to a Smart TV with Chromecast , which can be a bit confusing at first. However, in this post we have prepared a small guide with which you can solve all the doubts you have about this function.

When you finish reading this post, you will be an expert and therefore you will be able to take advantage of the Chromecast even more, which will undoubtedly make your life a little more comfortable. What are you waiting for?

Instructions to cast my PC screen to a Smart TV with Chromecast

Next, in this section we will show you everything you need to do to watch videos or movies from your PC screen to a Smart TV using a Chromecast device . It’s honestly a simple process that won’t take you long. Let’s get to it!

  • To begin, what you should do is open Chrome on your PC and select the three vertically aligned dots that are in the upper right part of the window.
  • Then click on the option that says “Send” and you will see how a window opens through which you can quickly connect to the Chromecast device.
  • Now you have to select the “Send” option found in the blue bar of connection to the Chromecast device so that you can see the options available to share the content from the PC to the TV screen.
  • We remind you that the default option is “Send Tab”. However, you can select the option “Send desktop” and in this way you can use the TV as a monitor .
  • After choosing any of the above options, you will be redirected to the previous window in which you have to click on the name of your Chromecast device.

Note: To fully enjoy the functions of your Chromecast, we suggest that you always update the software to the latest version that is available.

Last steps

  • So, before starting to share the content of your PC on the TV we will have available a preview of the content that will be projected on the TV. In this step you can also remove the “Share Audio” option.
  • Finally, you just have to click on the “Share” option and after a few seconds you will see how the content of the PC is projected on the television.
  • You must bear in mind that there is a delay of at least one second until you see what you are doing on the computer on the TV .
  • Another important piece of information is that by choosing the ” Send tab ” option, you will only share the tab that you have active in the browser on the TV. In this way you will not have to show everything you do on the computer, but just specific things so that you can protect your privacy even more.

Advantages of having a Chromecast device

One of the main advantages of this wonderful device is that we can see the photos that are uploaded to the Google cloud in full screen . This is useful when we are with our friends or family and we want to show them in detail the photos of a recent trip, a wedding or simply a special event.

On the other hand, you can also use the TV as a monitor when enjoying our favorite video games. Without a doubt, this can be a valid alternative for those gamers who want to make the most of the details of video games so as not to overlook anything.

We can also use the Chromecast to project presentations made in Google’s PowerPoint, which is very useful either in the work or student day.

Another advantage of these devices is that we can enjoy our favorite videos from YouTube or any other platform, since we can install and connect Chromecast to a Wi-Fi network . This is very common nowadays, as many users prefer to watch their favorite streams in high resolution and in the comfort of their sofa.

We are done for today! If you liked this information, do not hesitate to share it with all your contacts through social networks. See you soon!


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