How to cancel your car insurance before it expires

With the abolition of the tacit RCA renewal there are no longer any major steps to follow in order not to renew the car insurance under the same company, on an annual basis.

But how to cancel car insurance before it expires?

How to change insurance company

Today, thanks to the Bis Development Decree which came into force in January 2013, there is no need to send any form to cancel the car insurance.

In addition, the risk certificate, now electronic, can be acquired by the insurer by accessing the IVASS database (since 2015), provided that the old company (which in any case has the obligation) makes it available: this operation must take place at least 30 days before the contract expires.

This is what happens when auto insurance is running out and you want to change companies. But is it possible to close the contract before the natural expiry of 12 months, only by personal choice? Yes, but in this case you need to know the special cases.

Close RC Auto before the deadline

As anticipated, you can close the Motor TPL contract before the natural expiry of 12 months also by personal choice , but to do it for free, at least one of these conditions must occur:

  • car sale
  • scrapping
  • theft or fire
  • death of the holder (with closure request presented by attaching specific documents)

In all other cases, early withdrawal may have a cost , even not slight (up to the amount of the remaining premium): as always, it depends on the clauses in the contract.

When the conditions listed above are met, early (motivated) withdrawal benefits from the reimbursement of the entire amount of the unused premium (less taxes and the contribution to the National Health Service).

Canceling car insurance: how to do it before it expires

Based on the possibilities listed above, if you have subscribed to an Motor TPL policy and are tempted to change company with the sole aim of being able to save on the premium, you should wait for the natural expiry of the contract.

If you still want to cancel the contract early, you must cancel the car insurance.

There are 2 ways to do this:

  • send a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt
  • communicate your decision using the appropriate form on the websites of the various companies

If you choose the letter, you will not have to comply with particular formalities, but in the text you must indicate:

  • your data
  • the data of the car and the insurance policy
  • your signature

At this point you just have to wait for the proof of receipt of the car insurance cancellation, ie the return receipt.


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