How to cancel the Orange service online?

In the world there are several things that the modern human being needs to exist. Among them is mobile telephony and the internet. These last two have been ruled for a long time by three companies, which have managed to impose themselves in much of the world.

Although you can find in the market a wide number of brands, companies and their list of products is very wide, one of the favorites by many has been Orange . Orange is a company of French origin which was previously known as France Télécom.

It has been active since 1879 and there have been many evolutions that hundreds of users have seen in it. Its products have always been an emblem of quality and perfection; however, many people consider that this is not the case and therefore decide to unsubscribe from the service .

In reality there are many reasons why a person can unsubscribe from this service; but one of the most frequent is the fact that you want to try any other company and explore the opportunities that they can offer you.

In this post we will show you how you can unsubscribe from this service, without having to resort to any other guide on the internet .

Unsubscribe by phone

This is one of the most used methods to unsubscribe, if your line is ADSL with the company. However and before continuing with the tutorial you should know that for this; You must perform some steps connected to the internet, so it is important that when making the call, you are in front of your PC .

The steps to unsubscribe are as follows:

  • Should start to call 1470 from your phone fixed or mobile.
  • When you are connected to the customer support team, you must request to unsubscribe from the internet line . With this, your service will be definitively canceled.
  • Once you have given the instructions to technical support, you will be given a series of guidelines, with which it is sought to confirm your identity.
  • Once the call is completed, you will receive an email, in which you can find a form, in which your contact information and the lines you want to unsubscribe will be detailed .
  • Once the data has been verified, you must respond to the email attaching a copy of your  ID on both sides, or failing that of the contract holder.
  • In the mail, you must also proceed to confirm the conditions of said cancellation of services and that’s it.

The maximum period you have for this to become effective is two business days, so you will not have to wait long for this to happen.

How can I unsubscribe from Orange if I still have a stay?

For this procedure, the task is quite similar to what we described above. The only difference here is the fact that you must explain in a concrete way that the service to be canceled is a mobile phone line , but not an internet service.

However, it is important that you take into account that this can lead to a breach of contract; for which you will have to pay an amount for said breach. When a contract is signed with Orange , it is usual for said agreement to be with a minimum permanence of 12 months.

If the cancellation of said service is requested , before the agreed time; The company will ask you to make an amount corresponding to said proportional amount, which would be what would have to be paid in the remaining months.

However, it is possible that you enter into some type of negotiation, whereby what you have stopped paying is assumed by the recipient company.

Although this is a rare alternative, you may opt for it, depending on how long you stay with it.


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