How to call featured stories on Instagram

How to call featured stories on Instagram and make them stand out even more?

If by following our guides you have gradually become more and more expert in the use of this social network, it should not surprise you at all to discover that there are still unknown features.

You must know, in fact, that Instagram has now become much more than a social network, it is a real catalyst for people, events and photos which, if fully exploited, will allow you to discover new and unexplored horizons.

If you are concerned that the procedure may be too difficult for you, you have nothing to fear. Have you forgotten that our guides are designed and built to provide you with the best solutions with the utmost clarity?

We assure you that immediately after reading this guide you will be able to act independently and without any difficulty. The only thing you need to do now is get comfortable, take some time, and immerse yourself in reading.

Are you ready? Let’s start.

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  • Ideas for renaming featured content on Instagram
    • Marketing
    • Community
    • Institutional content
  • How to put the name of the stories in evidence
  • How to fix the featured stories?
  • How to archive featured stories on Instagram

Ideas for renaming featured content on Instagram

How is calling featured stories on Instagram really that important? Let’s start immediately with a figure that may seem incredible to you due to its immensity, but we assure you it is completely real: it is estimated that every day about 200 million people on Instagram visit a business page at least once and look at a story.

Obviously a company profile is different from a private one, as well as its purposes, but what does not change is the number of users present on the social network at the moment, numbers that show no sign of decreasing, indeed they are constantly increasing.

You may not reach the views of a business profile, but we assure you that if you learn how to create excellent content and highlight it you can take away a lot of satisfaction.

Now the only thing to understand is what kind of content you would like to create. To help you understand better, we can tell you that it is possible to identify 3 macro categories that we will now illustrate.


The Instagram stories made possible with respect to this specific area are characterized mainly in promotion activities for products and / or services .

They certainly represent a great opportunity for all those who want to somehow advertise a specific brand or create FAQs and surveys so as to test the pulse of any buyers and possibly attract the simple curious passing by.

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Stories that fall into this area are created in such a way as to interface more easily with your audience of followers.

Redirect links to your blog , trends , tips , anything that can help consolidate your fanbase and acquire new users, falls into this category of stories.

Institutional content

Stories with institutional content are mainly aimed at promoting a particular brand or showing the typical dynamics that have led a specific service or product to be successful.

In these types of stories, which can also be considered as a marketing tool, extensive use is made of presentations by the team of employees, behind the scenes and the accolades or awards acquired.

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How to put the name of the stories in evidence

Before explaining how to highlight the name of the stories and rename them, it is advisable to see how they are actually created so that you will have everything you need to perform the same process yourself.

We remind you for completeness of information that this functionality can only be performed via the app. First you will need to:

  • Launch the Instagramapp for Android or iOS and enter your login credentials.
  • Once logged in, from the main screen swipe to the rightto activate the camera.
  • Choose whether to take a photo or record a video and, once you have made your choice, publish the story you just created by clicking on Your stories.
  • At this point, however, you must appear on the Highlightoption located at the bottom right.
  • Freely choose the title to assign by pressing on New and typing it in the space provided.
  • At the end, press the Addbutton to complete the procedure.
  • Now your story will be created and featured. Click on View Profileto verify.

But if you were wondering how to highlight the name or rename an existing one, we will explain it to you right away.

So, first of all know that it is possible to assign a name to your story not necessarily to its creation, you can also decide to apply it later and even change it without the rest of the functions undergoing any changes.

From the main screen of the social network, click on your thumbnail to move to the section related to your profile and click on the desired highlighted story to view it.

Once displayed, click on the icon with 3 dots and locate the item Edit the story in evidence .

We are almost done, now all you have to do is move to the space reserved for the Title and modify it by entering a new one, as soon as you do, confirm the operation by selecting the End item , at the top right.

Here it is, the result just obtained will be to have a story still in evidence but with the new name you have chosen.

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How to fix the featured stories?

Organizing featured stories for many users is basically a secondary issue. After all, the contents are already published and highlighted, what difference is there in arranging them in one way rather than another?

In reality, this is not exactly the case and organization can be a factor of fundamental importance.

Obviously, if you have a small business or a shop, the management methods you should apply to your stories are different to those you would use as a simple private user.

Why this? Let’s find out!

The owner of a commercial activity, through the stories featured on Instagram , can obtain very important economic returns, especially because he has an almost boundless audience of users at his disposal and secondly because he can make profitable marketing in a simple and effective way. .

For example, let’s say you are the owner of a pizzeria. In your opinion, how would users react if through the featured stories I showed the tutorials of preparing the various pizzas or some funny moments behind the scenes in the kitchen or sponsored a particular event?

You would only increase the curiosity of potential customers and you would also show yourself as an owner attentive to the customer’s needs, to the point of mastering different communication languages, and decidedly professional.

Remember that customer satisfaction must be the cornerstone on which to base your entire business.

Then you could think of creating stories and organizing them in such a way as to create real monothematic channels in which in one you can talk about the various offers, in another about your staff, in another still about the events and evenings scheduled. and so on.

We assure you that in this way your turnover will undergo significant positive changes.

But how to organize the stories if you are a private user? We tell you immediately.

The fact that you don’t have a business to sponsor certainly doesn’t mean that you have nothing to show your followers.

How about organizing your featured stories based on your interests ? For example, if you created a category exclusively dedicated to travel and in this you put all the stories related to your holidays?

What if I did the same for the books? For your hobbies? For your passions?

Do you understand what we want to tell you? Organizing your stories in such a way as to make them more usable and searchable even to a simple passing user can help you make new acquaintances, because all your content will be categorized and consequently easier to identify.

How to archive featured stories on Instagram

Now that you’ve seen how to name Instagram Featured Stories, it’s time to tell you how to archive them. The procedure is a real child’s play, you can rest assured.

The first thing to do is:

  • Launch the Instagramapp ,
  • Tap the little manicon at the bottom right to access your profile.
  • Tap on the menu, icon with the three parallel dashes.
  • Press on the Settings> Privacy> History items.
  • Scroll to the Savingsection and turn ON the item Save the story in the archive .

At this point you will have obtained a personal archive in which to cram your stories.

But be careful, all the stories placed in the archive are visible and accessible only by you, in no way will they be seen by your followers.

To view old Instagram Stories you need to:

  • Launch the Instagramapp ,
  • Tap the little manicon at the bottom right to access your profile.
  • Tap on the menu, icon with the three overlapping dashes.
  • Tap Archiveto discover your memories and archived stories that only you can see.
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