How To Calibrate Battery Laptop

If for some reason your laptop, after less than a year or a year begins to fail in battery performance, do not think that it is due to a battery problem. Perhaps, the fact that the battery lasts less, is a mismatch of its sensors and you probably need to calibrate the battery of your laptop.

And that is due to the conditions of use or the treatment we give to our team. Well, with the different loads and the time we leave the laptop charging , some sensors can be misadjusted. Hence, the importance of checking the status of a computer battery, regardless of the manufacturer it comes from.

But let’s not worry about this situation, for that there is the process of calibrating the battery of our laptop; and modify the memory effect, which limits the useful life of the battery.

Calibrate the battery What for?

With this advancement in the technological age, most laptop batteries have lithium-ion batteries and have eliminated an effect that limited the life of batteries; This is called the memory effect .

However, due to the deterioration of different chemical components inside the batteries in a progressive and slow way, they lose their charge storage capacity. Therefore, it is also vitally important to calibrate the battery of the phones so that the charge lasts longer.

In addition, modern batteries have a series of sensors that interlock with the operating system and send information on the status of the battery. Therefore, if these sensors have a misadjustment, they will send to the operating system that the battery is discharging or that it has a low level of charge; when in fact it has a high percentage.

And that is when it is necessary to calibrate the battery of your laptop, and thus the sensors can send accurate information to the operating system of the state of charge. Of course, that system will not perform a repair on your battery if it is damaged. Not much less will it recover the batteries that are worn out.

In addition, with the advancement of technology, you can also count on the help of apps that can help you optimize the battery life of your PC; as for example with SlimbookBattery . But, don’t forget that this does not apply when the batteries are worn out or completely damaged.

Therefore, these procedures shown below will only correct the battery health measurement made by the sensors; in this way the information sent will be more accurate with reference to the state of the battery.

Steps to correct the battery problem

On a laptop running Windows, you can use the battery saver. Since Windows have certain profiles for consumption; which can interrupt the calibration process. Because of this, it is vital to create a new consumer profile; so that the calibration process is not affected by these profiles.

The first thing you should do is enter the option that will allow you to create a new power plan on your Laptop. For this, use some keys that must be combined; Press the Windows key + X and select the Power Options section .

Then, on the right side, select the option Create a power plan and in the configuration box of the new power plan, put a name to that plan.

Click on Next and click on the option Never in all sections. This will prevent the laptop from going to sleep  during calibration. Finally, create the new power plan by clicking Create.

Now, click on the plan you created and charge your laptop battery to 100%; and leave it connected for 1 more hour , even if the charge is complete. After that additional charge is complete; use the laptop until the battery is completely drained and shuts down on its own due to lack of power.

NOTE: In this process you should not carry out half charges , or use any type of savings system and you have to make sure that the consumption plan you created is active.

Next, you must keep your laptop unloaded for a period of 4 or 5 hours, before recharging to 100% and again you must leave it for an extra time to charge. In this way, the battery sensors will reset to the high and low levels. In addition, they will send real information to the operating system.

Now that you know how to effectively calibrate your laptop battery and what it’s for, you can give your laptop a better life . We hope you can share this information and leave us your comment.


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