How To Calculate the measurements of the TV

When buying a new TV we ask ourselves, what size? Beyond choosing how you are going to place it, hanging or with support, the first thing to choose is the size. And for that we must take into account a number of things. What are the measurements of a television? What is the recommended distance to see it?

The first thing we must take into account, of course, is to know how much space we have available on the wall or in the furniture. The dimensions of your living room, bedroom or kitchen are essential when choosing a television because you cannot put 70 inches in a small room or 30 inches in a very large one since you waste space or it will be insufficient. In any case, this would be the main thing: knowing how much gap we have . In addition, we must take into account the real dimensions of the television … The inches transformed to centimeters can give us an idea but it will depend on the model: the support, the edges, the design. This also measures and would add a few more centimeters to the final dimensions, keep that in mind.

Once we have measured the gap, there is another aspect that we must take into account: the distance from the TV to the sofa. Depending on the size of the television, we must move more or less away to be able to see it in full. It will not be the same to see a 22-inch television in your kitchen, up close, than a 75-inch television. The distance is much greater the larger the television, of course.

Once both aspects are clear to us, we must know the important thing: how large is each TV media? How much distance does it take? TVs are always measured in inches but you probably don’t know how many centimeters are 50, 55 or 60 inches and you can’t figure out if it fits or not. Just like we can’t know how much distance it takes to the sofa. Therefore, we explain it to you here.

Measurements of a television

The most recommended, they explain from Samsung, is that the screen occupies about 40 degrees of the field of vision. Thus we will achieve the most immersive and best visual experience. To achieve this distance, according to the Korean brand, we can multiply the TV screen size by 1.2 and you will get the result in distance per inches and then convert it to centimeters: we must multiply the inches by 2.54 centimeters. For its part, the manufacturer Panasonic bets on the rule of 4.5 centimeters per inch so it can vary slightly when making calculations, rounding. The same happens with the OCU, which recommends that the distance be two or three times the value of the diagonal of the screen but that we also take into account the room, the tastes of each one,the quality of the video signal or the brightness of the device.

As we will see in the next few paragraphs, there is no fixed rule for the distance to the television and we can see something estimated that will vary depending on the manufacturer or who recommends it. In addition, 4K televisions allow us to get closer without having any problem when viewing the image. They explain from Sony: “The recommended distance to view 4K or 8K televisions is 1.5 times the vertical screen size of the television. At this distance, individual pixels cannot be differentiated with the naked eye. This means that, for all practical purposes, pixels disappear when viewing 4K images. This creates the impression of viewing TV images with the same level of detail and the same resolution as in real life. ” For its part, the recommended distanceto see HD televisions is thirteen times the size of the screen and six times in the case of being SD models.

40 inch TV

They are usually one of the most common in houses or small rooms because they do not take up too much space. A forty-inch television is usually affordable. The size is 101 centimeters in the diagonal and the width of about 88 centimeters and 49 centimeters high approximately. They are approximate dimensions and you must also take into account the foot or support that the Smart TV has in particular.

The advantage of these televisions is that we must not be very far from the seat or point of view to the screen. What is recommended by the OCU in televisions from 40 to 43 inches is that we place ourselves at a distance between two meters and 2.8 meters. But the Panasonic brand recommends something less: a minimum distance of 1.80 meters. Therefore, it is recommended that you stand at about two meters.

45-inch TV

A sufficient option if we are looking for something with which to see the screen well but without falling into very large 65, 85 televisions. We would have a television with around 99.62 centimeters wide and about 56 centimeters high. We can also vary to 43 inches with diagonals of about 109 centimeters or something larger, to 48 inches, with diagonals of approximately 121 meters.

For 46 to 49-inch televisions, the OCU recommends a distance between approximately 2.4 meters and 3.2 meters. Something superior always the consumer organization to the rest of distance recommendations. In the case of the manufacturer Panasonic there is no recommended distance but it does have it in the case of 48 inches, which is around 1.89 meters at least. Following the calculations indicated by Samsung, the recommended distance would be more than 1.40 meters.

50 inch TV

How long are 50 inches? The diagonal is 127 centimeters and the width is around 110. For its part, the height of this TV is approximately 62 centimeters.

If you have a fifty-inch TV, Panasonic recommends a minimum distance of 2.25 meters from the sofa or armchair. It is a minimum distance and nothing will happen if it is 2.50 meters, for example. What does the OCU say? They match. In this case, the recommendation is a distance from 2.5 meters to 3.3 meters from the screen to the place where we are going to sit and watch it.

55 inch TV

A 55-inch TV will have dimensions of 140 centimeters diagonally. In width it will measure about 121 centimeters and about 68 high. A very used and common dimensions today if we are looking for something big

From 2.8 meters and up to 3.6 meters is what the OCU recommends in terms of the distance at which we should sit if we have a 55-inch TV. Panasonic recommends a distance of 2.6 meters or more for the brand’s 58-inch televisions and Samsung opts for a minimum viewing distance of 1.7 meters. Taking into account all the measurements, it is recommended that you try to place yourself about two meters from the screen, although it will also depend on the quality and if it is a Full HD model or if they are 4K UHD televisions: the higher the resolution, the less we will see the pixels and we can get closer without it being awkward. So much so that Sony recommends, in the case of 4K, that the distance be only one meterif we have a 55-inch television. But let it grow to 2.1 meters if it is HD.

65-inch TV

A 65-inch television has dimensions of about 143 centimeters wide and approximately 80.95 centimeters high. The diagonal is 165 centimeters in total.

Your living room or bedroom should be bigger to bet on 65-inch televisions, less common than the previous ones. The minimum distance they recommend from Panasonic is 2.92 meters to sit. The OCU goes a little further and recommends from 3.4 meters to 4.2 meters. Samsung reduces the distances and ensures, on its website, that it would be recommended from two meters away in the case of having this screen size. For its part, the specialized store Worten collects a recommended distance of about 2.9 meters for Full HD televisions and about 2.25 meters and more for 4K televisions. For 65 inches, the Sony brand recommends a distance of 1.2 metersin the case of 4K televisions and around 2.5 meters for models that are HD. Therefore, as we have said throughout this article, we must take into account not only size but quality.

85-inch TV

It is very unusual for us to have a 75-inch television at home, but there are homes where it fits without a problem. We must bear in mind that the centimeters of its diagonal are 215.9 and that it has dimensions of 188 wide and 105 high, so we must have ample spaces in our living room or bedroom. Or if you want to use it in a large office where you are going to project something.

Panasonic recommends that the distance be more than 3.83 meters if we have a screen of this size and it is not 4K (something unusual if we are going to bet or invest in this size) Samsung, for its part, recommends a distance that starts 2.6 meters and Sony recommends a distance of 1.6 meters for models that are 4K and 8K .

Screen size in inches Television measurements
22 inches 19 ” wide and 11 ” high
24 inches 53.15 cm wide and 28.89 cm high
28 inches 24 ” wide and 13 ” high
32 inches 70.84 cm wide and 39.85 cm high
37 inch 81.91 cm wide and 46.07 cm high
40 inch 88.55 cm wide and 49.81 cm high
42 inches 92.98 cm wide and 52.30 cm high
45 inch 99.62 cm wide and 56.04 cm high
47 inches 104.5 cm wide and 58.53 cm high
50 inch 110.69 cm wide and 62.26 cm high
55 inches 121.76 cm wide and 68.49 cm high
60 inch 132.83 cm wide and 74.72 cm high
65 inch 143.90 cm wide and 80.94 cm high
70 inches 154.97 cm wide and 87.17 cm high
75 inches 166.04 cm wide and 93.39 cm high
80 inch 177.10 cm wide and 99.62 cm high
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