How to calculate or measure distances, angles, radius In Autocad

Being a 2D and 3D design and production software, AutoCAD is marketed and supported by Autodesk . Thanks to this, it can be considered one of the most famous tools in the industry to create excellent productions with these characteristics.

All this makes it possible to calculate or measure distances, angles, radius, areas and perimeters in the best way found. The process to make this possible is not too complicated, taking into account some steps to make it even easier to carry out.

That is why here you will know the entire process to be carried out, detailing each step so that the results you are looking for are the best you can obtain.

Process to calculate or measure distances, angles, radius, areas and perimeters in AutoCAD

As soon as you have this application downloaded and available to use, you can begin the process of familiarizing yourself with your options. Thus, you will know where the tools are, having to go to the Start tab and there find the option “Utilities” with the different types of tools.

When distances are to be measured, all you have to do is click on “Measure” and the process begins. To measure the distance between two points, the Distance tool is selected, having to select the first point with the mouse and the second in the command bar, thus finding the distance between both points.

When it comes to distances given by several points, the first point is specified and then M is written in the command bar to start the selection of the various points. Then, with the mouse, the other points that give the distance are selected, writing C in the task bar when the last point to be measured is reached.

Another way to execute the command to measure distance is by typing in the DIST command bar. Something important is that everything that is done will be from the drawing that is being measured , in case it is not known in which units it is being drawn, it can be consulted by typing UNITS in the command bar.

In the case of the Angle tool, it is possible to measure the angle of an arc, circle or the one that is formed by 2 lines. For this, you only need to designate the object or objects that are delimiting the arc, being an option found in the tools menu.

For Radius, there is the opportunity to measure radii of circles or arcs; It is only necessary to establish the object to be measured. With this, the radius and diameter of the object that has been selected for the measurement will be shown in the command bar .

In the Length of an arc, the List command can be used, found by entering Start, Properties and then List. It can also be written in the LIST command bar to have it more easily.

The areas and perimeters have an equally simple procedure, obtaining as a result the measures and tools to give the changes that were wanted. Everything is possible if you also wanted to insert an image without external reference , allowing greater ease of use of AutoCAD.

Importance of knowing how to use these tools

With the use of these and other editing options in AutoCAD , perfect results are obtained according to what is required. If you are a prominent user of this application, you will be able to understand how these tools are very necessary.

From trimming and lengthening to the changes of measurements of any space, the results obtained are always the best. All this can be easily saved, having a perfect and professional editing. 

As soon as you have a folder location path to save everything that has been produced, you can easily project your content. If you understand the use of these options and tools, your job becomes easier.

In addition, the content created can be used in the way you prefer and that way you do not have limitations with AutoCAD. All this is usually not allowed by other 2D and 3D editing programs.

Thus, the benefits of this application are understood in the projection of structures, objects or any form that is needed.


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