How to buy the new iPhone 13 at a discount

Does the new iPhone cost too much? Find out if you can get a discount from Apple by returning your old smartphone.If you are wondering if there is a way to buy the new iPhone at the discount , know that Apple offers the option to return your device, have it appraised and discount its value for your new purchase or for an Apple gift card to use. when you want. Learn all about Apple Trade In and how to know how much your current mobile is worth.

Apple allows you to buy a new product with trade-in : your old device will be evaluated and its value converted into a discount that you can use right away. If your smartphone has no value, it will be recycled for free and turned into something useful for the Planet.

Know that the new iPhone is number 13, also available in the Pro version: find out everything about iPhone 13 .

  1. How Apple Trade In works.
    1. Find out how much your smartphone is worth
    2. Hand in your iPhone for trade-in
  2. Here’s how much your iPhone is worth

How Apple Trade In works.

Here’s how Apple Trade In works for buying a new iPhone.

In this regard, it is good to specify that Apple Trade In is active for all Apple devices : iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch. You can have your device evaluated even without necessarily having to buy a new product immediately: however, know that you will have to either scale its value from your next purchase or convert it into an Apple gift card, no cash is given.

Below we report the main steps of Apple Trade In, but for a complete and exhaustive overview we recommend that you refer to the official website .

Find out how much your smartphone is worth

To find out how much your current phone is worth, all you have to do is go to the Apple website, select the iPhone item and then the “Buy” button. Choose the model you would like to buy, the color, the capacity and all the customizable features. Once you have completed this step, you will find an entry dedicated to trade-in . If you select “YES” you will be asked to indicate:

  • the model of your iPhone;
  • the ability;
  • if it is in good condition;
  • the serial number (which you can find by going to Settings> General> Info)

Then selecting the item “Verify” you will be confirmed the value of your iPhone.

Screenshot of Apple website dedicated to trade-in

Hand in your iPhone for trade-in

If you have decided to buy a new iPhone, you will receive a trade-in kit and an email with instructions to prepare and ship your old smartphone at home. The shipment must be made within 14 days of receiving the kit. After receiving it, Apple will check the status. If the conditions match your description, you don’t need to do anything else. If not, you will receive an email with further information.

You can also avoid shipping by taking your iPhone to an Apple Store.

Here’s how much your iPhone is worth

Here is the estimated trade-in value (but subject to change):

  • iPhone 12 Pro Max Up to € 715
  • iPhone 12 Pro Up to € 625
  • iPhone 12 Up to € 465
  • iPhone 12 mini Up to € 415
  • iPhone SE (2nd generation) Up to € 190
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max Up to € 475
  • iPhone 11 Pro Up to € 425
  • iPhone 11 Up to € 330
  • iPhone XS Max Up to € 295
  • iPhone XS Up to € 260
  • iPhone XR Up to € 215
  • iPhone X Up to € 185
  • iPhone 8 Plus Up to € 165
  • iPhone 8 Up to € 130
  • iPhone 7 Plus Up to € 95
  • iPhone 7 Up to € 70
  • iPhone 6s Plus Up to € 40
  • iPhone 6s Up to € 3
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