How to buy Robux for Roblox

Here is Quick guide to buy Robux on Roblox, from PC and mobile.Roblox has become a very addictive video game in recent days, there are already millions of gamers who daily immerse themselves in fun adventures, each of them totally different.

Although its graphics, gameplay and settings seem a bit childish, the reality is that it is capable of catching both adults and children.

In addition, in the system it is possible to get equipment for your avatar, clothes, pants, objects, accessories and more. These gadgets are priced in robux (official game currency) and will make the games more interesting.

If you are just starting on the platform and want to equip your character with the best, do not despair. In this post we will show you safely and reliably how to buy robux for Roblox . Go for it!

What can I get with Robux?

The objects that you can buy with Robux are diverse, the garments range from pants, shirts, pets, wings, to unique and exclusive accessories.

Buy robux from the platform and get benefits on Roblox

And not only that, but also, with the coins you can acquire Game Passes and Games Access . For those who are not yet familiar with these terms, it is as follows:

  • Game Passes:also known as game passes, they are tickets that you can buy with Robux in a particular game and in turn they will grant you extra abilities within the server.
  • Game Access: itis similar to the previous one because you must buy a ticket; however, it helps you to enter exclusive maps within Roblox.

This shirt is a Game Passe from a Roblox room

Having Robux in the account is quite favorable, especially if you want to subscribe to Roblox Premium , the plans with benefits offered by the system are an advantage over the rest of the users. Now, to buy robux on Roblox , follow these steps:

Buy Robux for Roblox from PC

  • Enter the official websiteof Roblox .
  • Log in with your account.
  • Click on the Robux coin icon, located at the top right of the main screen.
  • It will display two options. Click on “Buy Robux”.

Log into Roblox and click on the Robux icon

  • Three optionswill appear : 400 robux for $ 4.99 USD or subscribe to the Tier I plan and get 450 per month. 800 robux for $ 9.99 USD or subscribe to the Tier II plan and get 1000 per month. 1700 robux for $ 19.99 USD or subscribe to the Tier III plan and get 2200 per month.
  • If the options are not enough, click on “Get more robux”and two cheap packages will appear. The first offers 4,500 robux for $ 49.99 USD and the second 10,000 robux for $ 99.99 USD.

Roblox presents you with three options to get Robux with real money

  • Select the one that suits you best according to your budget.
  • It will show a window with various payment processors, choose your preferred one and click “Continue”.

Choose the payment method that best suits your needs

  • You must fill out the form with your bank account informationor log in to PayPal if you chose that payment method.
  • Finally confirm the payment. Once the system has processed your payment, you will receive the Robux in your account.

Buy Robux for Roblox from mobile

  • Log into Roblox, from your mobile.
  • Gives touch the icon Robuxlocated in the upper right.
  • Look for the option “Buy robux”.
  • Severalpurchase options will appear : from 80 robux to 10,000 robux. The difference is noticeable, since you can buy smaller amounts of robux from your mobile.
  • Select the desired amount and choose the payment option you prefer.

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It should be noted that to carry out these processes, it is necessary to be of legal age and have a bank account. Otherwise you must notify your representative, since the money is not refundable and much less transferable.


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