How to buy on Wish

Wish is a Chinese online store that offers numerous products at apparently absurd prices, sometimes even “free”! But is it so convenient to buy on Wish? It’s safe? How to buy on Wish ? How to shop on Wish safely? After reading this guide you will be able to shop on wish safely.


  • What is Wish?
  • Use the shop
  • What not to buy on wish
  • What and why to buy on Wish
  • After-sales assistance

What is Wish?

Wish is an online store of the San Francisco-based ContextLogic Inc company that sells products of Chinese origin. The company, although solid and quite reliable, sells products of various kinds all from China, many of which are fakes.

How to buy on Wish

Use the shop

It is possible to access wish directly from your computer at or via both ios and android apps. Once you enter the shop you will need to register (also via Facebook or Google authentication).

For purchases you can use numerous possibilities including credit card, apple pay, google pay and paypal. It is recommended to use Paypal for the extreme security that this service offers. Buying with paypal allows you to have maximum security about payment and some guarantees in case of goods that have not arrived or do not conform to the description.

Once you have purchased a product, its delivery will take a very long time (usually from 2 weeks to 2 months); often the package is lost and in these cases wish will refund the full amount but it will be necessary to wait another month from the expected date of receipt of the goods. Now that you know how to buy on Wish, take a look at what you shouldn’t buy on wish

What not to buy on wish

Absolutely avoid buying the following products:

  • Memory and USB sticks (absolutely not to be considered reliable)
  • Dress in general (you will surely have problems with sizes)
  • Products intended for children (unsafe)
  • Particularly expensive products (due to the risk of having to pay large amounts at customs)
  • Food (unsafe)
  • Particularly delicate products
  • Products with the wording “Refurbished” in the description (which leads to think of refurbished products while instead they are fakes)
  • Branded products in general
  • Products that are urgently needed (given the long waiting times and the risks of not receiving the goods)

Since packages always come from China, a customs payment may be required for products costing more than 23 euros. It is therefore recommended to buy only cheap products and, if requested by the courier, to show the purchase form.

What and why to buy on Wish

As already mentioned above, for important acquisitions, use other sites (certainly Amazon) and use wish only for economic acquisitions. Keep in mind that wish is not always cheaper than traditional online stores, indeed almost never when you consider the shipping costs. To give you an idea, a USB wall charger sold as “free” with shipping costs can go up to 10 euros (with Amazon prime you could buy it at the same price).

Limit yourself to buying cheap products on wish that on other more reliable stores have particularly high costs or that are not easily available. Before buying a product, try to search for it several times on wish (calculating the actual cost including shipping) since the price varies from listing to listing and there is always the risk of paying double or triple for it.

The situation changes for the products of some emerging Chinese brands (for example xiaomi or sonoff) for which wish offers unbeatable prices compared to other stores and for which I feel I can fully recommend the use of this platform.

After-sales assistance

I state that the wish after-sales service is not the best. You can send an email to this address reporting the problem you are experiencing or contact them directly from the app in the appropriate section.

The Wish customer care number is Customer Care Number: 1-800-266-0172

Here you can find a series of reviews on some wish products that I have tried.

Now you know all about How to buy on Wish and you are ready for your first purchase, let me know how it went!

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