How to Buy on AliExpress

AliExpress together with Amazon are the ecommerce platforms that lead the market worldwide. Every day more people buy Chinese products on Aliexpress due to its low costs and noticeable improvement in quality that it has had in recent years. Learn how to buy safely in the Chinese giant, through this guide.

How to buy the Aliexpress

Create a new account

If you don’t have an account on the Aliexpress platform yet, create a new one , it’s free and it will only take about five minutes . Fill in the register with your personal data. You can also fill out the form by associating your Facebook, Twitter, Google or Pinterest account. If you decide to do it with Google, the registration is immediate.

At the end you should check your mailbox where you will receive an email from the company in order to validate your registration on the platform. After validating the account, your registration will be complete.

Select the products you want to buy

Being a new user, you can choose between three gifts . You can choose from a list a product for a cost of $ 0.01, a coupon of $ 2 or get exclusive discounts on several selected products.

Now you must select the products you want to buy . But beyond taking the price of the product as the main criterion, evaluate the seller’s profile. Verify that the publication of the product offers protection to the buyer with a refund guarantee, in case the product is damaged.

If you have any disagreement with the product, because it is not what it was promoted in the photo, you have the possibility of returning it and your money will be fully or partially refunded to your account .

Product delivery

Some people prefer to opt for lockers in China that are responsible for receiving and guarding the merchandise until it reaches their country of origin. If you want to choose a locker, you must enter the corresponding shipping address.

In case you want to receive the package directly, enter your address and Aliexpress will take care of shipping your products with the delivery company that is associated with the company. Verify in advance which company is responsible for receiving Aliexpress products from China and carry out a constant check .

Avoid scams on Aliexpress

Although this ecommerce platform has an excellent reputation worldwide, there is the possibility that a seller will incur a crime such as scam. To avoid being part of such a situation it is better to take some precautions before buying a product .

Choose reliable sellers

Aliexpress works as an intermediary between the buyer and the seller, therefore it cannot control that everything is done optimally. When buying your products, choose the sellers with the best reputation. Check what ratings other users have given the seller and the products they sell.

Select reliable payment methods

So that you feel secure in each purchase, Aliexpress may be an intermediary when paying. That is, depending on the type of payment you choose, the company is responsible for withholding the money until you receive your product . Once you confirm that the order has arrived without problems, the money will be released.

The Escrow system works with payment methods such as AliPay, Paypal, transfers and credit card, Visa, Martescard or Maestro debit cards. There are multiple payment options in addition to those mentioned that are available. Just avoid using off-platform payment methods because if you have a problem with the seller, Aliexpress won’t be able to help you.

Avoid buying misleading replicas

Although Aliexpress is usually cautious with this type of product, it does not hurt to check if we are dealing with an original product or a copy . There are copies that are quite convincing and look original.

If the seller indicates in the title of the publication that the product is original, then he is obliged to offer such product as indicated. The most obvious thing when detecting a misleading product is the price , since generally the original has a price similar to the same product in the official store.

Finally, Some Aliexpress products have an authentication seal that guarantees that the product is original.


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