How to buy multiple products from a seller on AliExpress

Waiting for the products that we have bought online can be desperate, which is why more and more people are looking for how to buy various products from a seller on AliExpress . When buying items from different suppliers, shipments are made at different times, so we may find that after a purchase we have to be aware of the postman every day of a week until we get everything.

A fairly simple way to avoid these inconveniences is to buy from the same seller. To do this, when entering the application , we select the item of that store that interests us to enter its description. At the bottom left of our screen we will find an icon that says ‘Store’. If we access there, we will find the page of that specific seller with their entire catalog .

The home pages of official stores do not always show us their catalogs in a clean and intuitive way, so our advice is to click on the ‘Products’ tab , where we can see more clearly everything we can buy from that seller and add it to our purchase by clicking on the red cart-shaped icon that we find under each product.

Once everything we want to buy has been added, we only have to enter the ‘Basket’ icon (at the bottom of the mobile) and make the payment. If the products are from the same seller, they will generally arrive in the same shipment , although there is always the possibility that there are stock problems or some other inconvenience that delays delivery.


Not a few users have wondered why AliExpress orders arrive together . This happens because AliExpress, hearing the complaints that there were due to the fact of not being able to receive all the products of the same order at the same time, has incorporated combined delivery. This allows multiple products from different vendors to be unified in a single order so that they only have one tracking number and therefore less inconvenience for the customer.

Combined delivery is not available for all products , but we can use that filter when doing a search to make sure that the items we want can reach us at the same time. To do this, when adding a product in the application’s search engine, we will see that we can add the ‘Combined Delivery’ filter that we will find just above the list of products.

By pressing it, we will only see the products that can be delivered through this procedure. When entering our basket, if we choose the option ‘Combined Delivery’ we will see all the products that can be grouped in a single order and will be sent at the same time.

Keep in mind that shipments with combined delivery that do not exceed five euros will have a higher cost, so it is convenient to take advantage of this service with large orders so that it does not involve a greater outlay. It should also be borne in mind that when making a free return of an order with combined delivery, we can only send one item from our list, so with the rest we will have to contact the seller or open a dispute on AliExpress to get the return, which slows down the process.


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