How To Buy Instagram Followers

How To Buy Instagram Followers.Instagram is one of the fashionable social networks. Thanks to having thousands or millions of followers on Instagram we can get agreements with brands, gifts, advertising. But how to get them? If you have thought about buying followers on Instagram , this interests you.

Buying followers on Instagram has been a common practice for years by many users of the social network who seek to fatten their account and thus achieve better visibility or impact with potential customers or advertisers. It is easy and we explain how to do it but also what risks it has and if it is really advisable to spend your money on these new followers.

How To Buy Instagram Followers/Websites Where you can buy.

Buying followers was a lot easier years ago. Now the work has been complicated since Instagram has drastic measures to avoid it. Instagram continually blocks third-party applications that use bots or increase your likes and followers as was the case with Meteor + , an app where you started to follow a series of people or users of the same and, in return, they began to follow you you. Now the measures have been tightened but that it is more difficult does not mean that it is not possible. There are websites and there are apps that allow it.

How? There are several options. We generally find two ways to buy followers on Instagram or two methods: in one go or through a kind of drip system that adds followers from time to time. A sudden change of followers from one day to the next if you are going to dedicate yourself to this can be really suspicious for a brand or anyone who follows you so, in general, it is best to bet on the second option that allows you to grow little by little, day after day, with new followers.

Websites to buy followers of Instagram

There are many websites with which we can buy followers . One of the first that we get on Google is and its operation is very simple. You simply have to use the dropdown on the page to choose how many followers you want to buy, from 100 to 5,000 followers. The price for 100 followers is 2.65 euros, for 1,000 followers 12.95 euros and for 5,000 followers it is 60.95 euros.

You simply choose the one you want and fill in the box with your Instagram name . Once you have it, tap on “Buy” to add to the cart and make the corresponding payment to your new followers. According to the website, “Once you make your choice, you will automatically go to the payment stage. And after the validation of the order, you will have to wait to receive your Instagram followers (Due to the latest changes and updates from Instagram, there is no exact delivery time , but we are doing everything possible to complete these orders as soon as possible. ) “Here we find the first risk … “there is no exact delivery time” so we do not know when or if it will arrive but we have already paid the corresponding amount. We just have to be patient and wait for them to arrive.

Another website that allows us to buy followers is Tienda Nacvi. Here we can buy followers for Instagram, likes, comments, video views or even visits to stories that you can later “sell” to brands to show that you are popular and that they can bet on you. The operation is very simple once we are on the web. We just have to go to the top, touch on “Instagram” and in the dropdown choose “Followers” There are a total of seven packs of followers that you can buy from 500 to 50,000, from 5.51 euros for the most basic pack to 269, 5 euros for the most expensive. With Spanish support, real accounts, “fast delivery”, maximum quality and guaranteed guarantee.

Once you choose the pack you want, you have to fill in your Instagram username and your email to continue paying. According to the website, the speed is usually approximately 2,000 followers a day although it will depend on which ones you buy.

Is it advisable to buy followers of Instagram

No. It has many risks and it has many drawbacks. In the worst case, they can steal your account on one of the websites where you are going to buy them, in addition to stealing the money you have invested in buying them. Also in the worst case scenario, Instagram can close your account, making the money you have invested useless and losing the effort of the account itself.

You may have ever considered it for your personal profile if you want to push yourself and make yourself known to more people but in most cases it is not recommended. For what? If you want to become an influencer, you may be able to make a few people believe that you have a lot of followers and that is why they should follow you … but in the long term it will not be useful since you will not get any kind of feedback from these “fake people”.

Having a lot of followers doesn’t automatically make us a hit on Instagram. Imagine, for example, that you are looking to be a youtuber. If they are false followers, they will not translate into visits to your YouTube video, so your purchase will end up being useless. If you have a store, they will not translate into sales either, so it will not have served you at all. The purchased followers will not help you create a community, you do not get them to get involved … Also, it will take a bad image showing that you have thousands and thousands of followers but only two, three or four likes on each photo and almost no comments on the publications. You will achieve the opposite effect to what you were looking for and you will get to lower the general engadgedment of your profile.

As we can see in an experiment on the social platform Hootsuite, not only will you not get a good image but you will also see that you appear, in the analysis tools, as a poorly valued account.

What alternatives are there?

The most recommended option if you finally decide that buying followers on Instagram is not a good idea is to bet on a gradual growth in the social network. And how? With quality content, with patience, with feedback. Get to make quality content that is attractive and useful, that is useful for something, that attracts attention. Make an effort in content and on the continent, take care of the captions and not only the images, create conversation with the people who follow you, take care of your audience, etc. Above all, in this case we have no choice but to be patient and wait.

Another alternative to grow on Instagram in a real and legal way is to bet on the ads that the app allows. You can create your ads to improve your visibility and increase the potential audience you are going to reach. Ads will help you grow as long as you have a brand account and want to use it for it.

Terms of use of Instagram

Before taking into account whether you want to buy followers on Instagram or it is not worth it, we should know what the conditions of the social network say. In the community rules of Instagram, from the “Detailed description” section, we find the following:

“In order to help us eradicate spam, please do not artificially increase your likes, followers or shared content, post repetitive comments or content, or repeatedly contact people for commercial purposes without their consent. Do not offer or give money in exchange for likes, followers, comments or any other type of interaction. Do not post content that includes, promotes, encourages, facilitates or supports the offer , request or exchange of false and misleading opinions or user ratings. ”

Taking into account that in the community rules we find this, in the Instagram Terms of Use we find the following: “We can delete any content or information that you share on the Service if we consider that it violates these Terms of use or our policies (including our Community Rules of Instagram), or if the law requires it ”. That is, according to both one document and another, you would be violating the rules and the content could be eliminated, but also your Instagram account permanently.

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