How to buy in Vinted

Many people refrain from buying in Vinted for fear of being scammed, but in this post we will give you some tips to  buy in Vinted safely . We will also explain to you what payment methods are there? Why can you make secure transactions without the mistrust of being cheated or that your money is not returned if you are not happy with the product.

How to Buy in Vinted Safely What Payment Methods are there?

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  1. Tips for buying from Vinted safely:
  2. Payment methods Vinted uses:

Tips for buying from Vinted safely:

The first rule to apply before buying on the internet is not to be too trusting and gullible, offers that seem too good are sometimes a hoax. In this article we will give you some tips that will help you make safe purchases in Vinted:

·             Read the product description and detail the photos:

Reading the description of the product is important because it is where the conditions of the item are explained in detail , if the seller does not give many details of the product, ask all necessary questions before buying. If the photos do not show you all the angles of the product or are not clear, ask the seller to send you new photos to check the status of the product.

·             Performs all necessary questions:

If you find an item that you want to buy, but the description is not very specific and you have questions about the condition, size or brand of the product, send a message to the seller with all the questions you have. If the seller answers all your questions in a friendly, clear and positive way, this shows that you are talking to a serious and trustworthy person .

·             Check the seller’s profile and ratings:

The seller’s profile can tell a lot about him, if the Vinted account is verified this shows that he is trustworthy; You should also verify the evaluations that other buyers have made of that seller, these opinions will help you to know what the reputation of that seller is in Vinted.

·             Make payments through Vinted:

The safest way to pay for your products is using the payment methods offered by Vinted, since all the operations you carry out outside the platform do not have buyer protection . Vinted uses a system that guarantees the buyer money back if the package never arrives, was damaged during shipping or is not the product you ordered ( Vinted’s return policy ).

·             Other measures that you can implement to protect your security are:

Never provide personal data to people who claim to be part of Vinted’s technical support or to vendors, protect your computers with quality antivirus ( the best antivirus to install for free on Android ), use reputable browsers or download the app on sites officers.

Payment methods Vinted uses:

In the previous section we analyzed that a safe way to buy in Vinted is to use its payment methods, because if you carry out transactions outside of Vinted and a problem arises, the refund and buyer protection will not apply in that case; these are the available methods:

  • Card debit and credit: vinted not only accepts debit and credit cards also accept virtual and prepaid cards, but with the latter no refunds are made. Keep in mind that in some cases it is possible that they will make a small charge to your card with the intention of checking its validity, but that money will be reimbursed instantly.
  • PayPal: You can pay with PayPal only when you select the tracking shipping option, once the purchase is confirmed Vinted will redirect you to PayPayl so that you can log into your account and confirm the payment.
  • Apple Pay: This method can only be used if your iOS device is configured for this operation.
  • Vinted balance: If you have money accumulated in Vinted for the sales you have made, the system will choose this payment method automatically, but if the amount does not cover the entire payment you can use another payment method to cancel the total amount.

Do not stop buying or selling in Vinted the best second-hand goods app on the market (which app is better Wallapop or Vinted ), but before buying remember to check the seller’s reputation and if you have doubts ask all the necessary questions.


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