How to buy cars on GTA

After hearing a lot about it from your friends and the specialized press, in the end you too have ended up buying a video game of the historic GTA saga and, now, you are looking for tips on how to best start your adventures in the designed world by Rockstar Games. In particular, you’d like to know how to buy a car so you can whiz through the streets of Grand Theft Auto, and by doing some research online, you’re done here on my website.

That’s the way it is, right? Then know that in the right place. In this guide, in fact, I will explain to you in detail how to buy cars on GTA . In case you were wondering, I will look at two of the most iconic chapters of the series, namely GTA 5 (including the GTA Online mode , which can actually be called almost a separate game) and GTA 4 . There will obviously also be a way to analyze the various retailers, as well as the subject at 360 degrees.

What do you say? Are you ready to buy the right car for your raids in the world of GTA? In my opinion, yes and you can’t wait to get your hands on that particular model you have spotted. Come on then: all you have to do is follow the quick directions below. There is nothing left for me to do, except wish you good reading and have fun!


  • Preliminary information
  • How to buy cars in GTA 5
    • How to buy cars in GTA 5 Online
    • How to buy cars in GTA 5 offline
  • How to find auto dealers on GTA 4

Preliminary information

Before going into the detailed procedure on how to buy cars on GTA , I think you are interested in learning more about which car dealers are in GTA 5 and how they differ. Also, I think it’s good to clarify what differences there are between GTA 4 and GTA 5.

Well, the title that gives more possibilities in terms of buying cars is obviously GTA 5 , which offers the best of itself in the online mode, called precisely GTA Online . Here are available myriads of models suitable for all tastes. If you are interested in that, I recommend that you check out my guide to the best cars for GTA Online .

In any case, in GTA V and GTA Online the dealers who have cars available are: Legendary Motorsport , Southern SA Super Autos , Warstock Cache & Carry , Benny’s Original Motor Works and Arena War Workshop (the latter two are only present on GTA Online ). There are also other retailers who, however, sell other types of vehicles: DockTease (boats), Elitás Travel (aircraft) and Pedal and Metal Cycles (bicycles).

Legendary Motorsport is the store that can be defined as “luxury”, given that sports cars can be found and its location is in Los Santos . Southern SA Super Autos , on the other hand, is located in San Andreas and typically sells cars that cost a little less .

Warstock Cache & Carry is the retailer related to military vehicles : if you need something to take out the enemies, you have to buy something from here.Benny’s Original Motor Works , which came to GTA Online with the 2015 Lowrider update , allows you to buy modifiable vehicles .

Finally, Arena War Workshop , introduced on GTA Online with the Arena War update of 2018 , allows you to purchase “armored” vehicles designed to fight inside the arena , where players compete as if they were gladiators.

As for GTA 4 , however, vehicles cannot be purchased . However, there is an interesting way to get cars put on display by dealers anyway . I’ll cover it in more detail later in the tutorial.

How to buy cars in GTA 5

After explaining in detail what the possibilities offered by Rockstar Games titles are, I would say that it is time to take action. Below you will therefore find some instructions that I hope will be useful for you to understand how to buy cars in GTA.

How to buy cars in GTA 5 Online

GTA Online is the iteration of the RockStar Games saga that offers the widest possibilities in terms of buying cars.

In fact, as already mentioned in the introductory chapter of this guide, there are 5 dealers from which it is possible to buy cars. The procedure you have to follow is very similar in all cases: once logged into GTA Online, just open your character’s mobile phone (by pressing, for example, the up arrow on PS4 ), press the Internet icon and select TRAVEL AND TRANSPORT .

On the proposed page you will find the portals of all dealers , from Legendary Motorsport to Southern SA Super Autos. At this point, everything is very simple: just enter the website of the chosen dealer and press on the box of the car you want to buy, make any changes (e.g. change color), press the ORDER / BUY button and give confirm .

I remind you that it is necessary to have the requested money , which must be present in the bank and not in your character’s “wallet”. For all the details on how to do this, I suggest you take a look at my tutorial on how to bank money on GTA .

In any case, once you have purchased a certain car, you will find it in your own garage . If you have no idea how to get the latter, which is necessary to buy cars , I invite you to refer to my guide on how to buy a garage on GTA .

The only retailer a little different from the others is the Arena Workshop . In fact, the latter allows both to buy vehicles already modified for the arena and those to be modified , which however require a workshop that can always be purchased from the portal. Arena War . In short, I advise you to analyze this possibility, if you are interested.

Since you are interested in the subject, I also recommend that you consult my tutorials on how to get free cars in GTA Online and how to sell cars in GTA Online .

How to buy cars in GTA 5 offline

How do you say? Would you like to buy cars in GTA 5 Story Mode ? No problem, I’ll tell you how to do it right away.

Well, the offline mode of the Rockstar Games title allows you to buy cars in the same way as GTA Online : the only difference is the absence of Benny’s Original Motor Works and Arena War Workshop dealers, but otherwise it’s essentially all identical online mode. Just open your mobile , make the purchase your chosen vehicle and that’s it.

Therefore, I advise you to follow the instructions I illustrated in the previous chapter of the tutorial , since everything happens in the same way, from buying cars to depositing money in the bank . As for the available garages (you need to have one to buy cars), I have detailed the situation in the tutorial on how to buy a garage on GTA .

Just to give you an indication: in Story Mode it may not be possible to purchase garages via your character’s smartphone. In that case, simply look at the map and go to the garage you want to buy. After that, you will have to press the appropriate button (eg right arrow on PS4 ) and you will be able to buy the building .

Since you are interested in the subject, I would also like to recommend that you take a look at my guide on how to sell cars on GTA offline .

How to find auto dealers on GTA 4

In case you are wondering how to buy cars in GTA 4 , you need to know that this is not possible . However, there are 3 buildings related to car dealers in the game. It is not possible to buy cars, but you can get on them and take them with you on the various raids.

These buildings stand out for the presence of many cars and their dealership-like structure . Once you are aware of the area, you should therefore have no particular problems finding the dealer involved.

The first can be found in Alderney (therefore on the left of the map) and more precisely in Westdyke . Its name is Westdyke Autos and it is located on the side of an intersection of four roads .

The second dealer is located in Alderney City (top left of the map), it’s called AutoEroticar and is in plain sight just before (or after, depending on which direction you’re coming from) an overpass . Inside the building you can find several interesting cars.

These first two retailers are located in areas that are, after all, close together , i.e. in the upper left of the map .

The third is instead in Algonquin , more precisely in Middle Park East (more or less in the center of the map , moved a little to the right, near the T-shirt icon ). It can be seen at the intersection of four roads . The external writing bears the name GROTTI and the structure is in fact known as the Grotti Showroom . There are two floors here and you will find luxury cars , such as the Grotti Turismo .

In short, in GTA 4 it is not possible to buy vehicles as it is in GTA 5, but they can be obtained for free by taking them from the dealers I have listed for you. The only thing to watch out for is the police , as as soon as you get on board the “stars” will start to increase.

Perfect, now you have all the necessary information relating to the purchase of cars within GTA . Since you are a fan of the Rockstar Games series of titles, I recommend you take a look at the page of my site dedicated to GTA , where you can find several tutorials that might be for you.


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