How to buy Ali Express free discount coupons

Who does not like to enter a shopping center where you can find practically everything you are looking for, and not only that, but also offer discounts that allow you to save money that can be used for other expenses?

Well, let me tell you that AliExpress is a platform with a variety of stores that offers you these opportunities from the web. You can use your discount coupons and enjoy the offers and this time we will show you how to do it so that you can buy on AliExpress safely

What are Ali Express coupons and how can you use it?

It is a series of codes with which you can have the opportunity to have discounts on the purchases you make.

This is especially beneficial, since you will have the opportunity that when buying a product that has a certain price, you can use these coupons and you will get a discount up to a certain percentage or redeem them so that you receive a certain amount of Euros so that you can make purchases more economical. However, in order to make purchases you will need to create an account on AliExpress in Spanish .

More than an online store, AliExpress is a platform inclined to be more of a kind of shopping center, since you can find a variety of stores or people selling their own products.

Of course, like anywhere, we can find excellent sellers as well as sellers who are not very reliable, so it is not recommended that you use your coupons with anyone.

On their website, once you have registered, you can click on your profile icon so that you can see a small drop-down menu, where you can see how many coupons you have available by clicking on the My Coupons option .

If you browse the web, you will realize that there is not only one type of coupon, but there are three different types with their unique characteristics:

  1. AliExpress Coupons: These types of coupons are the ones that AliExpress’s own website gives you so that you can use them in any of its stores. These types of coupons arrive occasionally and have an expiration date and of course the exact amount you can spend.
  2. Seller coupons: This website allows its sellers to have their own coupons so that they can advertise their stores and people come to buy their products. This type of coupon is only for a seller, they also have an expiration date and of course with a limit on the amount of money you can spend on the purchase you want to make.
  3. AliExpress Selection Coupons: This is a special coupon provided by AliExpress, although not all stores accept them. These types of coupons are used mainly for special events such as the 11/11 sales. What’s more, the website may offer them to you days before these types of special events, although you cannot spend them until that date.

How can you get coupons from AliExpress and how can you redeem or buy with them?

You can get your coupons easily through 2 ways. The first is through AliExpress’s own website, you just have to go to the index or browse some stores where there will be coupons available, so you just have to click on the Get button and they will be added to your account. Another way is to search for coupons by promotional code on different offer pages.

These coupons can only be redeemed when the purchase process has finished, however, before this you will be able to see if a certain seller from whom you are planning to make a purchase has coupons and that will allow you to receive them and then redeem them. On the other hand, you can also sell products online in the AliExpress store .

Then you simply have to continue with your purchase until they ask you to review your information to confirm the order. For this you must go to the bottom where you can see the Payment method option that you are going to use. Once there you will see two options with which you can exchange your coupons.

Using AliExpress Coupon is the first option, in this is where you can see the coupons that you may have obtained so that the discount is applied .

Promotional Code, this is the second option where you can use this code that you have obtained on any website. You just have to write the code and click Use so that the changes can be applied and you can finally pay for your product.


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