How to Build Your Dream Team in PES 2019 myClub

A few tips and tricks to accelerate your myClub development and help you get your dream team faster

Here are some top tips to help you earn GP faster and sign the best footballers in Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 to build your dream team.

Over the past few years, myClub has grown to become the most popular mode in the PES series, allowing players to compete against each other online, building their own teams and collecting superstars. In PES 2019, the mode has undergone significant changes, including adjustments to aspects such as menus, ranking systems and new player acquisitions.

Complete goals

The first thing you will need to do after you finish training is to start by achieving the goals (additional tasks). You can find them on the myClub Records screen, and they cover everything from playing matches to signing new players. Many of the quests listed will grant you multiple myClub Points . This is an invaluable premium in-game currency that will be essential in the early stages of the game. Try to complete the maximum number of challenges as soon as possible.

Hire new managers

In myClub, managers have a certain skill level. The level of the team is raised by the players. The more experienced the players are, the higher the rating of the current squad and the bench will be (summed up). Unfortunately, most of the main managers are low-skilled, so they are not suitable for mid- to high-level teams. Leaving them to coach a club with a higher rating will lead to a deterioration in team spirit .

Manager options

Spend your accumulated GP or myClub Coins to unlock access to a good manager. Do not forget to regularly improve them through the corresponding menu!

Join the weekly PES league

If you are a fan of PES, you may have already noticed that this year myClub has lost its usual divisions. Instead, the game features the weekly PES League, a system that allows you to earn GP based on your performance in Ranked Matches.

First, you will need to take part in ten Ranked Encounters in myClub. Then go to the Weekly PES League tab and you can join it. Win soccer matches to earn GP . Various promotions are held in the game, and a bonus reward is issued weekly.

Train your team wisely

You can train (train) any player available to you in myClub. To do this, you can simply release him on the field during football matches, use special trainers and turn unnecessary players into trainers with experience points. The latter feature will allow you to achieve incredible results!

Experience Points Trainer

By appointing a coach with experience points for a more talented player, you can provide him with a huge boost to development , especially if both players (“converted” and “trained”) have the same role and approximately equal ratings. This is much better than just letting the players go as free agents, which will have to be done since you have a limited number of slots in your team.

Spend Your Tickets for Free Renewals

In addition to acquiring new players through agents, you will have to spend GP on renewals with existing players. This can be costly in the long run, especially if you are hiring a huge number of superstars with big financial deals.

You will have tickets for free contract renewals. They are best spent on the team’s most valuable footballers ! You don’t need anything else – no GP or myClub coins. Matching tickets can be earned as rewards for winning matches, completing objectives, or obtained as random bonuses.

Take part in competitions

The What’s On section of the game menu is updated weekly. New competitions appear here to replace old ones. Usually in such tournaments you are guaranteed to get players of the “silver rating”, but often you can earn “gold” and even “black balls” (the best in the game with a rating of 90 and higher).

List of available competitions

Either way, try to take part in online and regular competitions every week to earn GP and sign contracts with new players . Even if you don’t need them on your team, you can turn them into coaches and train other, more talented players.

Send scouts to find new players

At the end of each match, you get scouts of different classes. They can be used to acquire new players, but you don’t have to get rid of them too quickly. If you want to improve your chances of getting a more star player, then by using multiple scouts at once you can narrow your search. The scout menu database contains information indicating which combinations should be used in order to get specific players . If necessary, go to the auction to buy cards with specific scouts or sell existing ones, earning GP.

Earn GP through offline modes

PES 2019 doesn’t put sticks in wheels for gamers, allowing you to earn huge amounts of GP. Just by playing football, you will very quickly accumulate your first 100,000 GP (unless, of course, you do not spend it on new players or managers). GPs are issued everywhere – from the training system to the “Master League” .

Earn GP even in training

You can spend them on unlocking new ways to celebrate a goal, skills. To speed up the process of earning, do not forget to go through the modes “Master League” and “Become a Legend

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