How to bring Skyrim to perfection with your own hands

The combat system from Dark Souls, magical duels from “Harry Potter”, survival in the cold and other mods that transform the fifth “Scrolls” into an almost flawless game.

How to bring Skyrim to perfection

The Elder Scrolls 5 turns 10 this year. All this time, Skyrim has held high in the Top 100 most played games on Steam and is unlikely to leave this ranking in the near future. For this, of course, it is worth saying thanks to the mods that fans of the game have been releasing without stopping over the past decade. Enthusiasts not only added superheroes and laser swords to the game, but also made really useful modifications that radically change the gameplay of Skyrim for the better. They will be discussed in this article: we have selected 15 mods in which the game mechanics of the fifth “Scrolls” have been significantly reworked or supplemented, and we are ready to share them with you. All of these modifications are a great way to dust off Skyrim and get lost in the Nordic country again for months or years.

Skyrim Parallax – modern graphics with just one mod

Author: Pfuscher.

Let’s start with a global graphical modification. Skyrim Parallax not only increases the resolution of most textures in the game, but also adds the same parallax effect: surfaces become embossed and more realistic. After installing the mod, you don’t even need to install other graphics improvements.

  • DownloadSkyrim Parallax modfor Skyrim SE.
  • Download theversion for the Legendary Edition.

Ordinator – Perks of Skyrim – complex role-playing system

Author: Enai Siaion.

In the fifth part of The Elder Scrolls, the developers abandoned the Oblivion class system and generally simplified the role-playing component as much as possible. A controversial decision, because of which the pumping as a whole turned out to be rather “bland”. New mechanics are almost never unlocked, most perks only affect modifiers of damage or protection from it, and some magic schools seem completely useless.

The Ordinator – Perks of Skyrim mod introduces about 400 new perks, neatly distributed across all branches of the leveling tree. This greatly deepens the role-playing system and highlights the difference between builds and classes. For example, an archer can learn to slow down time by aiming at enemies, an alchemist can make hybrid potions (mana + health, etc.), and a wizard can use special magic armor against melee weapons or arrows.

  • Downloadmod Ordinator – Perks of Skyrim for Skyrim SE.
  • Download theversion for the Legendary Edition.

Respawn – Death Overhaul – Getting Rid of Reboots

Author: watang.

If you are going to play Skyrim on Legendary difficulty or with mods for the combat system, then get ready for constant reboots. Of course, this is very disruptive to the immersion, and just annoying.

The solution could be a system of death and rebirth with consequences, like Dark Souls or MMO games. The Respawn – Death Overhaul mod just adds a similar mechanic to TES 5. With its help, you can set up a respawn point for your character (for example, the nearest temple) and activate punishment for death, such as the loss of part of the money or the contents of the inventory. At the same time, after the player’s respawn, the enemies will remain with damage, so it will be easier to take revenge on them.

  • Downloadmod Respawn – Death Overhaul for Skyrim SE.
  • Unfortunately, there is no version for the Legendary Edition.

Dark Souls Combat System – combat system from Dark Souls

Author: TheDriedFinger.

In addition to rebirths from Dark Souls, many gamers would like to transfer to Skyrim and the combat system “Souls”. And there is such a mod. It is called that – Dark Souls Combat System. With him, rolls, counterattacks and exhausting opponents will appear in battle. The game from the third person will become much more interesting and spectacular.

  • Download theDark Souls Combat System modfor Skyrim SE.
  • Download theversion for the Legendary Edition.

Fire and Ice Overhaul Redux – real magic fire and ice

Posted by Retrospect and ApolloDown.

In TES 5, fire or ice spells mostly differ only in color and amount of damage, which is disappointing. You cannot even light a fire or straw on the roof, or, conversely, extinguish the flame with ice. Fortunately, you can expand the functionality of elemental magic with the help of the Fire and Ice Overhaul Redux modification . With it, the flame from fire spells will begin to spread through trees and grass, which will help get rid of enemies with even greater efficiency. And if the unfortunates try to escape, the escape route can be blocked with huge blocks of ice!

  • Downloadmod Fire and Ice Overhaul Redux for Skyrim SE.
  • Download theversion for the Legendary Edition.

Magic Duel – Reborn – magic duels from “Harry Potter”

Author: Seb263.

Another way to make magic more interesting is to add wizard duels. This is what the Magic Duel – Reborn modification is about . With it, combat spells launched at another magician will create a real confrontation of the elements, in which the spell of a more powerful sorcerer (or a magician with a large supply of mana) will win. Visually, all this resembles the duel of wizards from “Harry Potter”.

  • Downloadmod Magic Duel – Reborn for Skyrim SE.
  • Download theversion for the Legendary Edition.

Animallica – Skyrim Wildlife Overhaul – Updated Animal Kingdom

By sliceandkill and XONextGenXO.

For some reason, in the forests of Skyrim, there are mainly wolves, bears, and deer. Occasionally hares or foxes come across, as well as saber-toothed tigers, but not even wild boars or lynxes. Well, I don’t even want to remember the meager variety of birds.

The Animallica – Skyrim Wildlife Overhaul mod will help expand the fauna . We recommend installing the lore-friendly version – there are no lions, hyenas and other animals from much warmer regions in it.

  • Download theAnimallica – Skyrim Wildlife Overhaul modfor Skyrim SE.
  • Download theversion for the Legendary Edition.

Ultimate Dragons – dangerous dragons

Author: tktk.

Even during the advertising campaign, the authors called the battle with dragons the main feature of Skyrim. Having listened to the pre-release promises, many of us dreamed of an almost Hollywood staging of such battles: how we will have to hide from the flames of a winged monster behind the nearest stone, or that we will have to fight a creature right in the air! In fact, the dragons turned out to be not particularly dangerous mini-bosses, which you just need to chop with a sword or shoot from a bow, without adhering to any special tactics.

The Ultimate Dragons mod will finally turn the annoying flying lizards into a real disaster. Dragons will learn many new fighting techniques and magical attacks, and will also begin to use their deadly tails more often.

  • DownloadUltimate Dragons modfor Skyrim SE.
  • Download theversion for the Legendary Edition.

Depths of Skyrim – An Underwater Overhaul – underwater exploration

Author: TheBlackpixel.

Skyrim has many beautiful mountain rivers and lakes, and the northeastern coast of the province is washed by the mysterious Sea of ​​Ghosts. Unfortunately, there is not much point in going into the water: you can find something at the bottom only by quest, there is almost no vegetation, there are very few fish species, and even in the Sea of ​​Ghosts there is not much to explore.

The author of the Depths of Skyrim modification decided to rework the water depths, adding several types of algae, many caches, new inhabitants and much more. Now the Sea of ​​Ghosts will become truly mysterious, and swimming in other bodies of water will gain meaning and benefit.

  • Download theDepths of Skyrim – An Underwater Overhaul modfor Skyrim SE.
  • Download theversion for the Legendary Edition.

MorrowLoot Ultimate – Loot system from Morrowind

Author: ChocolateNoodle.

The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind, although outdated, but many players still remember it for the best role-playing system in the series and related aspects of gameplay. In particular, the “olds” praise more interesting loot. If in Skyrim, after clearing even a difficult dungeon, you can often find only a rusty fork and a few coins in the chest, then in Morrowind there was no such problem – the player was always waiting for a useful little thing.

The MorrowLoot Ultimate modification will help bring the loot system closer to the one that was in the third part of the “Scrolls” .

  • Download theMorrowLoot Ultimate modfor Skyrim SE.
  • Download theversion for the Legendary Edition.

Climates Of Tamriel – New Weather And Lighting

Author: JJC71.

The land of the Nords is the realm of snowstorms and powerful thunderstorms. True, while playing TES 5, sometimes you start to forget that you are in the most severe province of the continent: in the southern part of Skyrim it only rains sometimes, and strong winds with snow blow only at the top of the Throat of the World Mountain.

To improve the weather, you can use the large-scale mod Climates Of Tamriel . With it, each region of Skyrim will receive its own climate, and natural phenomena will become much more spectacular.

  • Downloadmod Climates Of Tamriel for Skyrim SE.
  • Download theversion for the Legendary Edition.

Frostfall – Hypothermia Camping Survival – frost survival

Author: Chesko.

The Frostfall modification provides an opportunity to even more penetrate the unfavorable conditions of Skyrim. With it, the player will have to think about what clothes to wear: yes, in battle, steel armor may protect better than fur armor, but it will not save you from piercing northern winds.

Also in the game there will be a mechanic of camps: with the creation of campfires and tents. You can warm up by the fire, and it is safe to wait out the night in a tent.

  • Downloadmod Frostfall – Hypothermia Camping Survival for Skyrim SE.
  • Download theversion for the Legendary Edition.

AI Overhaul – Reasonable NPC Behavior

Author: mnikjom and SpiderAkiraC.

The behavior of civilians in the “vanilla” version of Skyrim quickly becomes annoying. They only know how to say hello to the player, go to work and communicate with each other with the same phrases. The idiots don’t even try to hide in their houses in the rain or when dragons appear.

The AI Overhaul modification will help to add brains to the inhabitants of Skyrim , which will finally give them the instinct of self-preservation and teach them to more naturally interact with each other.

  • DownloadAI Overhaul modfor Skyrim SE.
  • Download theversion for the Legendary Edition.

Warzones – Civil Unrest – Real Civil War

Author: MyGoodEye.

According to the plot, there is a civil war in Skyrim, but you will not see random combat clashes between the Imperials and the Nords during the passage.

A real civil war will be added by the large-scale fan work of Warzones – Civil Unrest . She introduces many activities similar to the skirmishes between Spartans and Athenians from Assassin’s Creed Odyssey . You can help one of the parties capture a fort or, after completing the Dragonborn add-on story, arrange a local armageddon riding a dragon.

  • Downloadmod Warzones – Civil Unrest for Skyrim SE.
  • Download theversion for the Legendary Edition.

Guards Armor Replacer – More varied armor for the guards

Author: NordwarUA.

Well, let’s finish the selection with a small but important decorative innovation. With the Guards Armor Replacer mod, the guardians of each region of Skyrim will receive a unique set of armor that matches the prosperity of the region and the local climate. If in rich Solitude the guards will flaunt armor lined with fur, then in some Falkreath the militia will be equipped with ordinary chain mail.

  • Download theGuards Armor Replacer modfor Skyrim SE.
  • Download theversion for the Legendary Edition.

We remind you that not all mods can be compatible with each other. But for many of them, Russian translations have been made – look for them in the Translations section on the modification main page. And if after installing the mod from the selection you have any problems, then check out our separate material , which is devoted to technical issues that arise when modding Skyrim.


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