How to boot Mac into macOS Recovery

We have already explained how to reset your Mac , among the basic steps to perform this procedure and many others is the passage from macOS Recovery (or Internet Recovery ). In fact, this mode allows you to access a lot of tools, useful as well as resetting the device or trying to solve any problems.

So let’s see how to start your iMac, Mac Mini, MacBook (Pro, Air…) or Mac Pro in macOS Recovery .

How to boot Mac into macOS Recovery or Internet Recovery

As mentioned, macOS Recovery and Internet Recovery are fundamental components of a Mac. The modes allow, even when there are problems with macOS , to perform many operations including:

  • Manage (repair, resize, format) disks and partitions with Disk Utility
  • ResetmacOS and / or format the Mac
  • Restore your Mac to a previous state with Time Machine
  • Connect to the Apple supportpages

Enough to get your Mac back on its feet in (almost) any unfavorable situation. So how to start the system in macOS Recovery ? Here are the very simple steps to follow:

  1. If your Mac is on, make sure you turn it off: reach the apple icon in the upper left corner, press to bring up the menu and then choose “Shut down …”
  2. At this point, press the power key (or open the MacBook lid) and immediately afterwards press and hold the combination
    • Command () + Rto boot into macOS Recovery
    • Option + Command + Rto boot into macOS Internet Recovery
  3. In both cases, release the keys when the Apple logoappears

At this point, in a short time, you will find yourself with the macOS Utility window with which you can perform the various operations already mentioned.

Differences Recovery Mode vs Internet Recovery Mode

We’ve seen how to start the Mac in the two recovery modes, but what are the differences between macOS Internet Recovery and macOS Recovery? On your Mac, with each update, an installation package is created that the device can use to reset the device if necessary.

This is used for reinstallations made in the standard Recovery . Using this recovery mode you will then end up with the latest version of macOS. With the Internet Recovery, on the other hand, at the system reset, the version of macOS (or OS X) that was on the Mac at the first start is downloaded .

You will then have to go through the update procedure to get the latest version of the Apple operating system. Another difference is that Internet Recovery will also perform a hardware test of the disk and RAM memory. Then choose based on these criteria, bearing in mind that to use Internet Recovery you need (obviously) a connection to the network and that to re-download the system it could take a long time .

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