How to Boot a PC in Safe Mode

Booting the computer in safe mode, or as it is also known as failsafe, is a way to start the system by just loading the most basic drivers and services .  So we can look for errors and possible solutions in the operating system that would otherwise be more difficult to find.

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  1. Methods to start your Windows computer in safe mode
    1. With msconfig.exe
    2. Shift + Reset
    3. A recovery disc
    4. From the pendrive
    5. Shift + F8
  2. What alternatives are there to using safe mode options on a Windows PC?
    1. Debugging
    2. Boot record
    3. Low resolution
    4. Disable signed drivers
    5. Service restore mode

Methods to start your Windows computer in safe mode

There are different methods of getting your computer started in safe mode, here are five methods you can use if you have a problem in Windows .

With msconfig.exe

Msconfig.exe is an important command in Windows . It is a useful tool to fix any Windows problem . To access this tool you can do it through its command which is the Windows key and the letter R, in the box that appears choose msconfig or you can write it and click on accept.

A window will open with five tabs General, Startup, Services, Windows Startup, Tools. Each one has different functions, in this case we will talk about General, it is in this tab that you can modify the Windows startup mode and exactly in Start With Diagnosis is where you should go to load only what is necessary for Windows startup.

Shift + Reset

You execute this method in the following way: on the Start screen you are going to click on the power icon, and hold down the Shift or Shift key, now you must click Restart. On the screen that appears, choose Problem Solution , then Advanced Options and Startup Settings.

When it has restarted you will see a menu, from there you can access Windows 10 , there will be several options such as: Enable Safe mode , that is the one we are interested in, select it. Then just give it restart. You will see on the screen a box in English Startup Settings, startup settings, from here you will use the keyboard. Look for the option Enable Safe Mode, safe mode. That option is 4, so with the keyboard press the number 4 or F4.

The system will restart and after a while you will see the window that allows you to log in, choose your username and enter the password and that’s it when you finish in this function you just have to restart the computer and it will be in normal mode.

A recovery disc

A recovery disk is the CD that was delivered in the past when you obtained Windows or any operating system, to use them you must do this: Press the Start menu and in the search box write Create Recovery Unit and select. When you open the tool, you must make sure that the option to Make a Backup of System Files in the Recovery Unit is checked, now click on next.

From the pendrive

In this method are the same steps as the previous one, Start Menu, type in Search Create Recovery Drive. When opening the tool make sure the option to Backup System Files in the Recovery Drive is checked. And give it Next, now select Create and wait a bit for the files to be copied.

Shift + F8

This is an easy method, but only for some computers . It is the first option you can try, to see if it works on your computer.

What alternatives are there to using safe mode options on a Windows PC?

These alternatives will allow you to start Windows without the need for any driver or application. Use these alternatives when you have a problem that prevents you from running Windows.


This Debug Mode alternative starts Windows in advanced troubleshooting mode, but is an alternative intended for IT professionals and system administrators .

Boot record

With this alternative you can create a file called ntbtlog.txt where are all the drivers that were installed during startup and can be very useful for advanced troubleshooting.

Low resolution

With this Low resolution alternative you will be able to reset the screen settings , you are going to start Windows with the video driver, with a low resolution and refresh rate setting.

Disable signed drivers

Using this alternative you can disable or disable signed drivers, you can install drivers that have incorrect signatures or signatures that Windows does not detect.

Service restore mode

Like the Debugging alternative, this Service Restoration Mode is intended for professionals and administrators. Using this alternative, the Windows domain controller starts and the directory service can be restored.


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