How to book a seat on the beach with app

If you are wondering how to book a place on free beaches , know that many tourist resorts allow you to do it through apps. Find out which ones to download based on the Region / location of your interest.

To ensure the necessary distance between people – distance between bathers – establishments and free beaches give the possibility to reserve an umbrella, deck chair and / or place to spread out your towel, through the use of applications to download on the mobile phone.

In this way there is no risk of arriving on site and being denied access to the beach.

  1. App to book Liguria beach
  2. App to book Sardinia beach
  3. App to book Jesolo beach
  4. App to book the Romagna Riviera beach
  5. App to book the Friuli Venezia Giulia beach
  6. App to book Tuscany beach
  7. App to book the Marche beach
  8. App to book Lazio beach
  9. App to book Puglia beach

App to book Liguria beach

lamialiguria is the name of the official app of the Liguria Region launched on 1 July 2020. A real tool to enhance and learn about the vast wealth of tourist offers in Liguria. The president of the Liguria RegionGiovanni Totipresented the application.

“This app puts Liguria and its entire tourist offer in the hands of the tourist, who will thus be able to discover our region in all its aspects”.

Among the innovations introduced by the councilor for tourism Gianni Berrino , also the possibility of reserving seats on the beach.

In addition to this app dedicated to Liguria in general, the municipality of Genoa has adopted SpiaggiaTi, an app to regulate access to free beaches. The download is free on both the App Store and Play App Store. This app, at the moment, ONLY allows you to check the crowding status of the beaches, but not to book a place.

App to book Sardinia beach

Uau is the app, designed by 7 guys from La Maddalena, to check the crowdedness of the beaches, thus allowing bathers to choose those with fewer people in order to avoid the risk of gatherings and / or refused access to the establishment.

App to book Jesolo beach

The app to download for the bathing season in Jesolo (Venice) is J.beach , which also works in a web version. If you want to access the free equipped beaches of Jesolo, the reservation is mandatory and you can do it day by day.

J.beach, the Jesolo beaches APP, is available as a free download for iOS and Android and can also be accessed from the website .

What you can book with this Jesolo application:

  • beach place in the free equipped public areas;
  • beach place in the free equipped areas at the bathing establishments / consortia.

In the free beach entrance it is free and without reservation. The occupation of the free beach is allowed in compliance with the interpersonal safety distancing measures provided for by national and regional legislation. Essential toilets, showers and rescue services are guaranteed.

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