How To Block Someone on Viber

How To Block Someone on Viber.In the digital age in which we live, instant messaging applications are the order of the day, and they are the ones we use most frequently to communicate with other people. Viber is one of them, it is an excellent platform that allows us to make calls and send messages thanks to its great functions and features, which has made many people download Viber on their mobile or PC.

How To Block Someone on Viber

However, sometimes some people are really annoying, or strangers may send you offensive and distasteful messages, so blocking them is a good option. If you are new to using this app, you should not worry as in this tutorial you will learn how to easily block people on Viber without them knowing .

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  1. What happens when a person blocks you on Viber?
  2. How is the process of blocking a stranger?
    1. on an iPhone
    2. From Messenger
    3. on PC
    4. By Whatsapp
  3. What is the procedure to follow to block a contact?
  4. Where do I find and how to use my block list?

How To Block Someone on Viber.

How To Block Someone on Viber

On the other hand, when it comes to an unknown number you can use different ways to block it, also, when you get a message from someone unknown, at the top of the chat, the same application will show you some options that you can use, such as, add to contacts, block and report spam, and block .

Reporting spam is a good option when the unknown number is a bot, so Viber can ban or remove that account permanently. With that said, now let’s see how you can block a stranger on any device.

on an iPhone

First, open the chat section and click on the conversation of the person you want to block. In the event that you have never had a conversation with the stranger, you can immediately block from the first unknown message sent to you from the chat screen . Clicking on the Block option that appears when it is a message for the first time and you do not have the contact saved.

From Messenger

In order to block a stranger on Viber you can do it from Messenger, to do this, touch the sender’s profile picture , after which their information will appear, go to the bottom of this section and click where it says Block the contact. Having done these steps, the person will automatically find himself on the Viber blacklist.

on PC

The Viber app has its desktop version on Windows, Linux, and Mac computers, so you can also use it on the Viber website from your PC. However, while the web version of the app can be used on a computer, it doesn’t have all the built-in features found on a mobile device.

For this reason, we will not have access to the blacklist, nor to the section of blocked contacts. So the recommendation is to use the mobile app on your smartphone to block a stranger.

By Whatsapp

In order to block an unknown number by WhatsApp, the procedure is the same as mentioned above from the Viber application. Therefore, you can do it when it is a message for the first time from the chat screen and, also, from the user information when we click on the contact’s avatar and the information section of the contact opens.

Here we want to show you another method to use to block a contact, the first thing to do is enter the app, where when you access it, you will directly enter the Viber chat, from there, you must select the contact you want to block . Now, click on the three points that are located on the upper right side of the screen, and select Chat information.

Click on the option ‘Block this contact’, in this simple way you will already be blocking said contact, to unblock it follow the same steps.

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