How to block annoying people on Like to prevent them from seeing my posts?

Like is a very famous social network similar to tiktok, in which people can post their short videos with funny effects and sounds. On the other hand, the vast majority of people who use Like, are because they have moved from tiktok to this social network, since within it they have not been able to have a place, because the social network is very crowded with influencers, and if you want to be one or of them.

You must look for other options to achieve it and this is one of them; However, many times, as in any social network, we come across annoying people, it is for this reason that today we take the task of showing you how you can block these people from your Like account.

How to Block Annoying People on Like to Prevent Them From Seeing My Posts?

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  1. How to ‘Report’ the profile of a person who annoys your Like profile?
    1. From the ‘Messages from the user’
  2. Do people you block on Like get your block notifications?
  3. What should you do to block a person from their own profile on Like?
  4. Where is the list of people blocked in your Like app?
    1. From the ‘Like’ settings

How to ‘Report’ the profile of a person who annoys your Like profile?

In order to report a Like profile, that is bothering you , or that you feel is an annoying person for you, you must first have your application downloaded on your phone and log into your account, then you must follow the steps that we will give you below. to describe:

From the ‘Messages from the user’

In order to block a person from their messages, you must enter your like application and after this you will look for the user you want to block and you will enter the option to send a message, when you are here you will look for the three dots that are in the upper part top right of the screen.

You will look for the blocking option, when it identifies it, you simply click here and automatically this person will not be able to send you messages and neither will the consumer that you publish in your Like account.

On the other hand, we can also mention that just as in TikTok you can add funny effects and emojis to your videos, it also allows you to insert them so that your videos , in this way you will give a bit of vitality and creativity to videos.

Do people you block on Like get your block notifications?

People that you block in the application will not receive a blocking notification anymore, however, they can deduce that you blocked it when they realize that they cannot send messages or the videos that you publish do not appear in their news feed , because it will try to contact you, by other means, so it is very essential that you maintain your security, when you browse the internet , especially these types of apps, which are so controversial.

What should you do to block a person from their own profile on Like?

However, if your intention is to block the person directly from their profile; You simply have to enter your Like application; and search for the user you want to block, followed by this, enter their profile and in the part where the share arrow is, click here and several options will appear.

Among these is the blocking option, so you will proceed to block that user, and this way they will not bother you again, unless the user’s intention is to annoy the crown of your head, and create a false account to continue bothering you.

Where is the list of people blocked in your Like app?

To find out how many users you have blocked from your Like account; Mainly, you must enter your profile and then you click on the three dots on the right side of your screen, after you click there you will click on settings and privacy , then you must follow the steps that we are going to describe below:

From the ‘Like’ settings

When you are already in the settings option, you will click on the option where it says privacy; Once you are in the privacy option, you must navigate and reach the last part of the list of options, and the list of the accounts that you have blocked will appear, in the same way the option to unlock it will also appear.

On the other hand, like and tiktok are not only the only social networks that allow us to upload short videos; since there are also other applications such as Vimeo, which is not very famous, but is very effective when it comes to creating videos directly from its video editor, or uploading the videos that you have saved in your PC or phone gallery mobile.

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