How to block all event invitations on Facebook

In today’s article we will see in a simple tutorial how I can block event invitations on Facebook in a fairly simple way. We are going to see step by step everything you must do to avoid receiving more invitations to any event.

On Facebook you can create events for whatever you want: opening a business, an important party, meeting with friends for a birthday, etc. after this you can invite all your friends to decide to join or not.

In general terms it sounds good, but what on paper does not always sound good, ends up being it. The problem is that on many occasions we have friends on Facebook whom we don’t really even know.

These friends create events of all kinds either to promote a product or business, among other things. The problem is not really that, but having to deal with invitations to certain events that, in reality, we are not interested in.

How can we avoid being invited to events that do not interest us? This can be done quite simply and is by blocking the invitations in question. For this, what we must do is know exactly who is the person who is sending us so many invitations.

Let’s be honest, an invitation every so often shouldn’t be annoying. However, if one person starts sending us too many, that’s not pleasant at all. You can block such invitations once and for all. That is what we are going to see in this simple tutorial.

Step by step we are going to tell you how you should do so that you can avoid being invited to any kind of event created on the social network. You won’t have to deal with annoying notifications . The person who invites you will not know that you blocked them to send the invitations, so in this sense you do not have to worry, it is totally safe.

How to block all event invitations on Facebook

It is not difficult at all to block all invitations to Facebook events . We recognize that it can be somewhat annoying and luckily, the guys on the social network offer us the ability to block all of them so that we don’t have to deal with them again.

  • For this we will have to log in from as usual.
  • After this we will have to go to the upper right corner of the screen and click on the arrow that is pointing down.
  • Next, click on “Settings”.
  • What we must do here is focus on the left side bar of the screen where it says “Locks”.
  • A new page is loaded where we must search for “Block event invitations”.
  • In this section you will have to write the name of the friends who do not want to receive their invitations.

How to block event invitations on Facebook

There is no way to block any kind of event invitation. You must block the invitations of these people to not receive more invitations .

Don’t worry because you can add all the people you want to block their event invitations. They are also not notified that you chose to block their invitations, and that person is not blocked.

You can continue talking and seeing their publications as if nothing else. But when it comes to event invitations, you will receive absolutely nothing . Hopefully Facebook adds an option to block all invitations without having to go friend by friend.

Remember that if you have any kind of doubt about how to block invitations to events on Facebook, you can leave it a little further down in the comment box and we will be happy to help you solve it as quickly as possible.


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