How to block all ads from Android apps without Root

Since smart mobile devices came onto the market and mobile applications began to gain popularity and generate money, many apps were launched with the aim of being downloaded by users.

While many of these are very useful and self-sustaining, others rely on advertising to keep them active. The problem with all this is that lately the advertising in web applications is much more invasive, it jumps at the most unexpected moment and we have to see, at least 5 mandatory seconds before we can remove it.

However, several tools have emerged capable of blocking all advertising from Android applications. The bad news is that the vast majority of applications need the mobile device to be rooted in order to function.

Despite this, there are ways to get apps that are capable of blocking all mobile application advertising without the need for you to be a root user . In the following article we will explain how to get it quickly and easily.

How to block application advertising without being root?

The truth is that many ask this question for fear of rooting their device and that something will go wrong; however, there is no need to risk something going wrong when rooting, as there are some applications that are capable of deleting the entire publication.

Some of them can be found in the Google Play Store, but others that are not available can be downloaded from the browser as an APK file, they are totally free, safe and their results are guaranteed.

Remove ads with blokada

You can get this application in the Play Store and you can download it for free. After downloading and installing it, you must provide the relevant permissions before you can use it.

After opening it, we will see a panel with a series of options, of which we must mark the following: Keep active, start at the beginning and only connected.

After selecting the options we can hit the power button located at the bottom of the screen. After turning it on , we will create a VPN that will be in charge of filtering the results that will appear on the mobile. Despite this, it will still not block the advertising of the applications we use.

In order to achieve the latter we will have to press the DNS icon and after that we will have to activate the DNS option AdGuard and we will have to turn the DNS on and off once again. In this way we can block all that annoying advertising that jumps alone in the applications.

Best of all, it also works with any web browser that we have on our mobile device, being able to block this advertising.

Adblock Plus

This is another blokada-like app with the same functionality and it’s even a bit easier to understand and use. You can download it from its official website and after installing it you must enable the permissions to open it.

After opening it, the configuration is extremely simple, so it is recommended to leave the factory settings and you will be able to use other applications, while Adblock Plus will be in charge of blocking the advertising of the applications you use.

Adway App

With this application you can block ads of all kinds, from advertising in apps, to ads that jump in web browsers. Best of all, once you install it, you won’t need to open it one more time for the app to start blocking apps.

One of the disadvantages of this app is that you must install a third-party application store to get it, since it is not available in the Google Play Store. For this reason we will have to download F-Droid . After downloading it, you can find the Adway App out there. Download the app and block ads.


This application is not available in the Google store, so you will have to search for its APK file in the browser to install it. You must first allow unknown sources in your Android terminal so that the application can be downloaded and installed.

After installing it, the application will start to act automatically , and will block the advertising of other applications, without the need to configure it, which makes it a good alternative.


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