How to Block Advertising Appearing in Firefox

Search engines are responsible for filtering and collecting everything related to what you are looking for. Firefox has been working on this delicate task for more than 10 years, giving users confidence when browsing the web and offering the possibility of downloading for free on its official website .

It is important to note that this browser has ad blockers to prevent pop-ups that escape on certain pages. Therefore in this post we want to show you how you can block that annoying advertising that appears while you are consuming the internet.

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Benefits of having an ad blocker built into my browser

Certainly when you browse the web you run many risks, from finding untrue information, to running into possible harmful elements that want to enter the device. In the case of advertising, it is often presented as simple and harmless, but the reality is that many of these are some type of computer virus that can damage the computer.

It is for this reason that it is essential to have an ad blocker . There are some that are integrated into the browser, and others that need to be downloaded. However, it is advisable to update Mozilla Firefox to the latest version to have all the add-ons that will help you block any intruder who wants to interfere.

How can pop-up windows interfere with my browsing?

Ads usually appear in a pop-up window, which opens automatically when you enter a page. Then, as the user opens pages looking for some information, these annoying windows open on their own , interfering with the reading.

In addition, many of these can have inappropriate content, such as material for adults, which are quite uncomfortable if you are browsing in a group, or even worse if you have children around.

What are the best ad blockers for Mozilla Firefox?

Mozilla Firefox is famous for being a browser with built-in blockers, rather those who want to enter pages of dubious origin go to another search engine because they know that Mozilla is a bit strict with security.

This is how Firefox has a group of very effective blockers. Among which are AdBlocker Ultimate, Popup Blocker and uBlock Origin. Which is why it has earned the title of being one of the fast and safe browsers for android  and also for computers.

AdBlocker Ultimate

This blocker works with various search engines, as it is super effective when it comes to blocking ads. It is so effective that it can eliminate absolutely all the pop-ups that want to be issued. To install AdBlocker Ultimate, you just have to go to the Firefox add-ons section, and select install now. Then you will be ready to start work.

Popup Blocker

While it is true that many of the pages that are visited on the web, they need to attract attention with advertisements related to what they offer as a product. This can happen on the sales page or in advertising magazines.

The appearance of the pop-up pages, the Popup Blocker works to block these pages. In addition to prohibiting the appearance of music, videos and all kinds of accessories that the page may have. An additional fact about this add-on is that you can download it for free from its official website.

uBlock Origin

Many of the websites that generate digital advertising, have managed to bypass the blockers and continue to spread the advertising to their right, through pop-up windows. On the other hand, there are pages that simply do not allow access by detecting that it contains an ad blocker in the browser.

The uBlock Origin was created to control this, since used with an extra plugin it can become undetectable in view of these pages, so you will be able to enter in a normal way, and you will not have the inopportune warnings.


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