How to block access to taskbar settings in Windows 10

Windows is a project developed by the international corporation Microsoft. It is a platform that links a group of operating systems responsible for carrying out different but complementary functions. Although its initial purpose was linked to replacing only certain work tools on the computer.

Its launch was carried out in November 1985 and its main vision was to be used as a complement to the MS-DOS operating system. Who represented the company’s computer software. However, the new program contained all the necessary elements to become the next new and improved version of it.

Currently Windows has been growing in the computer industry, so much so that according to figures, about 67% of computers worldwide work based on this software distribution system. In addition, Windows has updated versions, with Windows 10 being the most recent version .

Windows 10 has several very complete tools and functions, among them we can get the option to block access to the taskbar settings . But if you are one of the users who still do not know how to apply this alternative in their operating system, do not worry because below we will indicate all the steps.

How to block access to taskbar settings in Windows 10?

The influence of Windows has been generating new versions of the program today, some of its platforms are available for the new intelligent devices of the moment; like Smart TV, Smartphone, Android Tablet, here we show you how to install it.

Of course, the corporation has not forgotten its relevance in the computer industry, which is why new versions have been created, such as Windows XP, Windows 8, and the most current version of Windows 10 launched on the market in 2004, but that it has been updated according to the demands of its users so far.

Windows 10 has brought with it a series of innovative tools that allow users of its services to perform actions based on the personalization of the electronic device. Some of these new options include the management of the main elements of the operating system navigation. Like the cursor and even personalize the taskbar with your name.

Steps to block access to taskbar settings in Windows 10

The Windows 10 operating system has developed all the necessary programs for your computer based on a strict organization scheme; in which most of the essential folders are located on the desktop.

However, when managing certain options and tools, it is necessary to go to the device’s task bar. Of course, in this section the icons can be readjusted according to their importance, but it is common to find oneself in situations in which all the applications or programs that we have been moving get messy during development and this is quite frustrating.

Due to this, new settings have been created that will allow you to carry out this process much more easily. Some of these settings include an option to “lock the taskbar” . The process to lock or unlock the taskbar is quite simple and does not require further adjustments:

  • We start by clicking on the start button (button with the Windows logo) with the secondary button of the mouse or mouse.
  • Next, a list of available options will be displayed, we select the “properties” option.
  • We click on the “task bar” option .
  • In this section you will be able to observe some available options, select in «block taskbar» .
  • This option will be reversible at any time, performing the process again and unchecking the box on the taskbar.

Windows 10 configuration settings that may be useful

Some of the tools available in the current version of Windows 10 include: the option to change the location of the taskbar , either to the left or right; activate some notification buttons on the taskbar to let you know if there are any settings set.


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