How to block access to Skype on a router

Skype is one of the most used social networks worldwide. It is a voice over IP application, that is, it allows you to make phone calls over the Internet. If you still do not have it, we will show you how to download or update Skype for free to the latest version for PC or cell phone

Despite being one of the best Internet communication App and that 90% of the people who inhabit planet earth have used it, for some people making Skype calls over their network is annoying or uncomfortable, as well who choose to block network access to the Skype application through the router.

Before explaining step by step how to block access to Skype from a router , let’s talk a little more about this interesting social network. Since it has options that you probably did not know, you can learn, for example, to use the hidden or secret commands of chat in Skype

What is skype?

Skype is a free application or program that is available for computers and mobile devices to make calls, chat online, and video conference with people from anywhere in the world. Also, it is possible to send any kind of files to the added contacts. It is one of the most famous when making calls from my mobile for free

Skype has the option of being able to call any landline or mobile phone if you have credit on your account. Not only does it offer chat services, but there are a wide variety of options for you to communicate with your family and friends.

What are the advantages of using Skype?

  • Calls are free for any Skype user, no matter where in the world you are.
  • You can make calls to landlines and cell phones at an affordable price. It all depends on the plan that you like the most.
  • If you have credit in your account, you can make group video conferences and enjoy moments with family and friends. In case you don’t know, we will show you how to search and find groups in Skype step by step .
  • You can make group calls with up to 24 people at the same time and talk all you want, it’s free.
  • Messages can be sent to landlines or mobiles from your Skype account.
  • You can create a completely alternate phone number so that they can call as if you had one in the United States or anywhere else in the world.
  • It is available for the vast majority of software such as Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, and Pocket Out .
  • It works with all firewalls, NATs and routers and nothing has to be reconfigured.
  • Skype calls usually have high sound quality and that is a plus point for Skype, since most other applications the sound quality tends to be poor if you do not have a good connection.

Steps to block access to Skype from a router

Skype has a configuration that allows to use ports 80 and 443 , which are used for web browsing in case the port that is supposed to be assigned is not available.

To be able to block Skype from your router, ports 80 and 443 must be disabled and the PTC port that comes by default when installing the application must be blocked.

Step 1: Open Skype

Skype should be opened and logged in, open the “Tools” menu and then click “Options.” Click the “Connection” category in the “Advanced” section . Make a note of the ports assigned for Skype and uncheck the “Use ports 80 and 443 as alternatives for incoming connections” box. Click on “Save.”

Step 2: Open your router

Open your router settings in your browser. In order to do so, open your web browser and type the IP address of your router in the address bar. Then enter the username and password.

Step 3: Security

Go to the “Security” option or any other similarly named utility. Click “Block Services” or “Block Ports.” You can choose how long Skype will be blocked. Then press “Add”.

Step 4: Select TCP

Select TCP as the protocol and enter the Skype port number in the “Start Port” and “End Port” fields. Then type a name for the blocking rule in the “Type of service” field and click “Add” to implement the rules and you’re done.

We hope this tutorial has been helpful to you. Remember to always follow the steps very well so that there are no failures when doing the process.


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