How to block a store on AliExpress

Have you had a bad experience with a business on AliExpress and don’t want to buy anything from it again? We tell you everything you need to know about how to block a store on AliExpress so that you do not get money on their products again.

If there is a giant of online commerce, it is AliExpress . The subsidiary of the company Alibaba stands out, among many other things, for the ease of use of the application and for the bargains or low prices of most of the products they offer.

Most of the in-app purchases are successful. The products arrive correctly at the address after the estimated time. But there are cases in which after having paid the item has not arrived and no matter how much the seller or the store has been claimed, they have not resolved the incident.

For those bad experiences, the ideal is to know how to block a store on AliExpress . Currently only the company itself, AliExpress, is the one that has the ability to block a store.

If your product has not been refunded and it has not arrived, you must open a dispute from the “orders” section. If, in addition to not taking care of the order, the seller has bad behavior or sells dangerous, pornographic substances, etc. AliExpress will automatically block the store.


Now that you know everything about how to block a store on AliExpress, you may also be interested in knowing how to reject a package on AliExpress.

To reject a package on AliExpress, you simply have to inform the courier that you do not want the package. That if you bear in mind that you will lose your money and also the product because it is most likely that if it comes from China and another country it will not be returned to the seller.

That has nothing to do with a return . In the case of the return, you had to pick up the package and if opening it is not as expected, you should take a photo of it and contact the seller through the platform explaining what is happening.

If you chose the “free return” option, you can return it in a few simple steps. If you did not choose this option, think carefully about returning a package because it may cost you more than the product itself.


The option to claim for any item or product is available for all purchases. We explain how to appeal on AliExpress to resolve a question about any product you have purchased.

To appeal about any product that you have bought on AliExpress and it has not arrived correctly or you have not even received it, you must open the application and then go to “My account”.

Then in “Orders” you have to click on “See all”. Finally, find the article you want to appeal against and click on it. Then click on “open dispute” and complete the process. You will have to choose if you want only refund or refund and return of products. You will also need to explain the reason for the appeal or dispute.


If you want to know how to avoid scams on AliExpress to have to carry out disputes, follow the advice that we list below.

  1. Research the seller. Before making the purchase, it is good to investigate the seller, see the reviews and ratings that other users have made about their products.
  2. Take a look at the product photos. If they are real photos, look for them in Google images to see if they can be copied or not from another website.
  3. Compare prices of the same product at different sellers. It will give you a global idea of ​​the price of the item so that you do not get ripped off and pay a high price for the same product.
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