How to block a person’s Gmail and let them know it

Google Mail has a considerable number of tools that allow the management of emails and the execution of some tasks such as blocking emails. If you are interested in applying the Google block, we recommend you read this article with which you will learn How to block a Gmail email from a person and let them know it

The robust and practical “Google Mail”

“Google Mail” or popularly known as “Gmail” is a free email service that allows you to send and receive messages . Gmail has various tools for managing emails and organizing our contacts.

How does Google Mail work?

Google Mail or Gmail works by means of labels that facilitate the organization of emails. In addition, the service is in charge of centralizing the mail without using an additional application. On the other hand, the Gmail interface organizes the messages through priority emails to determine the importance of each one.

Gmail integrates various tools such as “Google Docs” to create documents and “Google Calendar” that allows the organization of activities and appointments. Gmail also manages different maps through “Google Maps”. Also, with Google Mail we can add images and translate emails when necessary.

How to block a person’s Gmail and let them know it

If you want to block a Gmail from a person and you want the sender to know it, you can follow a simple and efficient procedure based on applying a filter and sending a notification to the sender . We explain each of the steps below.

Access your Google Mail account

The first step is to access a Gmail account from the Google website where you will block the other person’s mail. To do this, go to the Gmail website and enter your email address and password.

Create a filter from the Google Mail settings

The next step is to create a filter that allows you to discard all emails from a particular person . To do this, go to the “Create a filter” option at the top, right next to the “Search the web” tool.

Immediately, locate the “From” field and enter the email address you wish to block. Then, press the “Next step” button and select the option next to “Delete” in order to automatically discard all the messages you receive from this email and send them to the trash. You can also remove page subscriptions from your Gmail if you receive spam in your inbox.

Use the direct option of Google Mail

A direct way to block a Gmail email is to open the email that has been sent from the email address you want to block. At the top right you will see a shortcut that allows you to reply to that message.

Press the button with a down arrow to open the options menu. Locate and select “Block contact_name . ” In this way, you will immediately and easily block a Gmail email. If you have multiple spam messages, you can also choose to delete all archived emails to free up storage space.

Notify the person that their email has been blocked

Once you’ve blocked someone’s email, you can notify them that you’ve done this. To do this, click the “Compose” button in order to create a new message and send an encrypted email from Gmail .

Add the email address that you have blocked and write a message to inform the person that you have decided to block all their messages so that you will not be able to see their response or any new email they send you. Finally, press the “Send” button. If the sender replies to this message, you won’t be able to see it in your inbox.


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