How to beat Shield Wasp in it takes two

You’ll find quite a few enemies like Cody or May in It Takes Two, including the terrifying wasps that make up The Tree. And while all the enemies you face are tough, you’ll definitely have your hands full with the first boss of the level, the Wasp Shield. Here’s everything you need to know about how to defeat the shield wasp in It Takes Two.

Shortly after exiting the first section of the track on this level, you will come across the vault door you have been looking for. Have Cody shoot his tree sap at the door to make it spin counterclockwise.

How to beat Shield Wasp in it takes two

Once you’ve tapped, Shield Wasp will appear. As the name suggests, this flying enemy uses a shield that protects it from any frontal attack.

Shield Wasp also has a spear that they will use to attack you. To damage them, you will have to make Cody hit the back of his body with his Tree Sap Gun, then shoot May with his Drill Buzzer Rifle.

The easiest way to do this is to wait for Shield Wasp to charge Cody. When loading, get out of the way by pressing Square on PlayStation and X on Xbox.

As soon as you ride, have Cody paint the back of the Wasp Shield then add it. This will give May a chance to detonate the tree sap with her rifle.

Repeat this process a few times and you will have knocked down Shield Wasp and broken the safe.

This is everything you need to know how to defeat the shield wasp in It Takes Two. If you’re still looking for information on the game, head over to our wiki or check out our coverage in more detail below.


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