How to be your own boss with Amazon Flex working 4 hours a day

Amazon, Inc. is a company that was started in Seattle , Washington State of the United States on July 5, 1994 and founded by Jeff Bezos, The Vanguard Group and BlackRock; It was one of the first companies to sell goods of all kinds over the Internet, and it recently launched an application called Amazon Flex. Learn in this post how to be your own boss with Amazon Flex.

How to be Your Own Boss with Amazon Flex Working 4 Hours a Day

What is Amazon Flex?

Everyone knows Amazon for its wide variety of products , which allows it to have an index from the letter A to Z; The amount of sales that this company has on a daily basis escapes our imagination, the distribution of them is done through parcel companies that take their time for each delivery.

Amazon, seeing that some customers were willing to pay more for fast delivery, made a special subscription program called Amazon Prime ; which is paid annually for an amount of 36 euros per year or 4.99 euros per month. This plan began by offering its customers package deliveries in less than 24 hours on branded products.

Distributing all these products requires a different system than the one used by conventional parcel companies. You need people with the time, the means and enough proximity to make deliveries in record time ; It is precisely for this reason that the Amazon Flex application was launched.

Amazon Flex in a general way could be defined as an App to work with the delivery of Amazon and Amazon Prime packages , to the address of the customers who buy their products; its operation is similar to Uber but instead of racing packages are delivered.

How does this App work?

Anyone can meet the requirements to work at Amazon Flex , over 21 years old , without a criminal record, with a vehicle and a driver’s license, can register as a freelance delivery driver for Amazon packages; In order for deliveries to be efficient, the application segments them according to the area where you live and into 2-hour blocks.

The delivery block must therefore be completed in those 2 hours, in order to later receive the payment of 28 euros that Amazon promises through the application; The number of blocks that can be done per day is limited to 2, so Amazon Flex will only let you work a maximum of 4 hours a day.

How can I sign up for Amazon Flex?

The registration is done on the page according to your location and you must download the Amazon Flex application on your mobile phone ; After installing it, you will have to fill out a form with your personal data and upload your driver’s license documentation, social security, criminal record certificate, among others.

You will have to select the area where you are going to collaborate (you can check if there is Amazon Flex in your city preferably) and wait for Amazon to confirm your registration to start working as a freelance delivery person; an important aspect is to have a mid-size vehicle that has enough space for each block of packages.

Can I be my own boss with Amazon Flex working 4 hours a day?

Yes, the application allows you to choose a minimum of 1 hour of work per day and a maximum of 4 hours; The blocks have a pre-established delivery schedule where you agree to comply with the entire itinerary, but it is your choice to select it or not in the application, depending on your time availability.

Surely you wonder how much can be earned with this type of work? According to Douglas Harper (the CCOO delegate at Amazon), a freelance deliveryman can earn a figure that is ideal for college students or people who only need the money equivalent to half a day of work.

Douglas Harper’s calculation is summarized in that a delivery man can earn € 56 per day, if he works 6 days a week (resting on Sundays), in a month he earns € 1,344; But you have to deduct the self-employed fee (that’s why some look for ways to work without becoming self-employed ) in Spain, which is usually € 290 per month (unless you have a flat rate), plus car fuel, leaving an average of 400 or € 500 per month .


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