How to be successful? This is a question you will surely have asked yourself in life. But what is success really? For some it is having more money, for others more power, and for still others, fulfilling their dreams of a life without problems.

To find success we often look for answers in training courses, books and on the web, but there is no single magic formula valid for everyone. However, there are attitudes and good practices that can guide you towards achieving your goals. The key word to be successful lies precisely in the mindset , in the approach we have when we set goals to reach.

Here are 3 ideas:

  1. Thought affects who we are

If you think negative, you will tend to fall into a depressed mood and you will only notice bad things around you. Conversely, if you think positive you will attract people and things of the same vibration to you. Have you ever heard of the law of attraction? Your thoughts act on a subconscious level and become a magnet for things and situations of the same frequency. During your days or at work, having a positive attitude is often contagious, your potential customers will notice it and will have a greater desire to deal with you.

  1. Zoom in on your goals

Most people set goals that are too small or easy to achieve, for several reasons: fear, comfort, beliefs.

  • Fear. It is a perception that we create within ourselves and that in most cases only ends up blocking us in the situation we are in. You are afraid of failing or you are afraid of having unsustainable consequences. The antidote to fear is courage. It is necessary to have the courage to face new situations, prepare the way for great goals and only in this way is it possible to give the best of oneself. “ Fear knocked on the door courage went to open there was no one ” – Martin Luther King.
  • Convenience. Imagine our brain divided into 2: on the one hand all our habits, actions and situations that we repeat every day are visible, now simple to do ( comfort zone ) and on the one hand the potential things we could do for ourselves but often require sacrifices, not exactly comfortable. Here, creating big goals or simply creating a list of goals can be a hassle but, once you take the step, you will be out of your comfort zone and you will be improved a priori. When you step out of the comfort zone you will feel some discomfort because you go to new things and often to new sacrifices but once you have achieved that certain goal you will feel a positive energy of satisfaction.
  • Beliefs. In 1954 Roger Bannister broke the record of running a mile under 4 minutes. Even now the newspapers remember him as the man who challenged the impossible. In fact, at the time, it was thought that it was impossible for a man to run a mile away under 4 minutes without his heart exploding. Yet, after Bannister, dozens of athletes did the same. One belief limited an entire sport. Just because everyone thought it was, then no one tried. The same thing happens in everyday life. You think that some things or some goals are impossible and therefore you avoid them.

So, having said that, aim high, create ambition goals, which can bring sacrifices but also great satisfactions.

  1. There is no real failure

Henry Ford said that failure is simply an opportunity to start over but in a smarter way . Each failure can be a lesson and can teach you what not to do to achieve your goals. What to do? Don’t have an attitude of resignation and don’t stop at the first obstacle you encounter. The road to learning how to be successful is certainly a long one and you may not be able to get results immediately. For this you will have to test what works for you, make mistakes and start over hundreds of times. The best lessons are learned from failures. Remember point 1: always positive attitude .


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