How to be an Administrator in ROBLOX

Among the more than 90 million Roblox players there are people of many types. Some of the players love the game so much that they dream of being a Roblox administrator or community moderator and thus ensuring good practices within the community. If this is your case and you want to know how to become a moderator, we present a step-by-step tutorial on how to achieve it.

⭐ What exactly does a ROBLOX Administrator do?

To be an administrator in Roblox, a first essential requirement must be met and that is that the person who wants to moderate a game must be over 18 years old. In the game you will be able to recognize them since they have a different insignia within the environment.

Its essential function within the game is to maintain that the community is as healthy as possible and that the video game in general has higher quality. Therefore, they will be responsible for “eliminate” the toxic people who behave inappropriately in different games, but could expel them permanently.

To achieve this end, they must perform maintenance tasks, updates and banning of problematic profiles. These “powers” give them the ability to create a friendlier environment for all players.

The administrators of Roblox are workers of the company , so their job is not to play the game but to keep it healthy. If not, they can be fired and replaced by another moderator to take their place.

Some players try to pose as moderators to get attention. If you come across any of these players and don’t see the special accreditation badge , you can report them to improve the quality of the community.

⭐ How to be Admin in a ROBLOX Game

Your first goal to become an administrator at Roblox is to end up working for the company. Otherwise forget your dream of being part of that community under that position. If you think that because you have been playing the game for years, your application will be processed, forget it, it will not work. Neither is any request from persons under 18 years valid as already mentioned above.

To be a Roblox employee you just have to follow the following steps. Follow our step-by-step guide and you will surely succeed.

Step 1 – Find a vacancy

The first action you must take is to go to the Roblox job board and apply for a job where you fit in and there is a vacant position. Take a good look at the department where you are qualified to work and choose the available group and its location well.

Step 2 – Display your options

Once the first search has been carried out, you must display the entire list of vacancies (if any) and choose the job position you want to fill. Once chosen, select and wait for one more page to load.

Step 3 – Submit your request

On the loaded page you will see an informative text where the philosophy of the company will be explained, what exactly is needed, what will be the tasks to be carried out and the advantages of being part of the Roblox family.

For this, having a high knowledge of English is key, since although there are very reliable translators it will always be better to have a broad knowledge of the language to carry out your work.

Fill in the form that will appear at the bottom of the web, in which you can leave links to any URL, Linkedin profile or portfolios of a previous job and also send your resume.

Submit the request using the “Submit Application” button and wait for the Roblox Corporation to contact you. Without trying to break any dreams, you should know that working at Roblox is not a job for everyone. They require high – level studies and a minimum of work experience equivalent to 5 years. If you meet the profile, you will surely achieve your dream!

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