How to backup WhatsApp chats to Google Drive?

Today, a lot of data is stored on phones , especially instant messages. For this reason, it is essential to know how to make a backup copy of WhatsApp chats in Google Drive.

The data in this application can range from phone numbers to users such as keys to other platforms that you do not want to lose. Here is the importance of making a backup of all chats so as not to lose information.

Likewise, users have to learn the method to make a backup of WhatsApp  in manual mode. Since sometimes, automatic supports tend to fail.

Another option to have more space for your WhatsApp chats is by deleting saved WhatsApp files.

Step-by-step guide to backup WhatsApp chats to Google Drive

The process for a backup of WhatsApp chats in Google Drive is really simple, it only consists of the following steps:

Open your Gmail account on the device

The first step for backups to Google Drive is, of course, to keep your Gmail account open on your computer. Since when activating in the application, the information will go to the user entered or linked.

If you can’t access your Gmail account because you forgot your password , don’t worry, this problem is easy to solve.

The next thing is to identify the level of free space on the phone , since when starting the support it requests, at least, 512 KB for storage.

Activation of Google Drive

The next thing is to open the application and follow the following path: WhatsApp> More Settings (the three dots)> Settings> Chats> Backup> Save to Google Drive .

Immediately after the action, a notification box will appear to select the account in which it will be saved. In addition, this will be the user’s opportunity to define whether it will be a daily, continuous action or only when the user considers it relevant.

Finally, we proceed to press the “Save” button located in the lower area of ​​the options on the screen. She will be available for any modification that the user requires.

As an observation point, the storage of backup copies will be done through the use of mobile data or the rental of equipment. One point of observation is that people who decide to change the email where the last downloads have been made will be lost on the spot. Since the information is in the cloud of the account that was attached.

How to store a backup in Google Drive manually

The procedure for a manual backup of WhatsApp chats in Google Drive is not very different from the previous one described, it consists of the following:

  • Keep the Gmail account open, especially the access where all the pertinent information will be saved. This can be done directly in the WhatsApp settings or settings.
  • Follow the following path: Setting> Chats> Backup> Save. Then, a notification is displayed with the progress of the download.

It may be that when making a backup you find the problem that it takes a long time to do it or that it gives you an error, this usually happens because your Google Drive account is very full, and to solve it you only have to free up space on your account .

Is it important to make a backup?

The answer is a resounding yes , backups are very useful for storing conversations and other attributes. But, its confidence increases when it is saved in the Google Drive cloud.

All devices with an Android operating system have a default option linked to Google. While iPhone computers are stored in a program in the form of a cloud called iCloud.

Both formats begin the process at 2:00 in the morning , if they are configured to do the operation automatically. The user may also modify this action and set the time that suits him.

It is valid to transcend that this is a very good function for entrepreneurs or merchants who work with their phones. Because they will not lose their conversations or data in the chats such as price tables or agreements.

Once you have managed to backup your WhatsApp chat, follow these steps to download the backup copy from Google Drive to WhatsApp.


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