How to back up Gmail to your hard drive

In the world of information technology, we are constantly using digital data. The Internet products used to create digital content are so important that they have become an integral part of our lives.Data is created using digital tools online, which are constantly updated, stored and disseminated on the Internet. You need to copy this valuable data before completely deleting it. Backing up your data is of paramount importance to prepare for future emergencies when data may be completely lost. You need to recover these files and folders to recover data in case of data loss.

Gmail is one of the essential applications and services that you use on the Internet, where you store all your important contacts and receive important messages. Some of the e-mail messages may contain confidential information and you may need to back up or download this data either for commercial transactions, for legal reasons, or for any personal reasons. Email backups are also very important if you are switching your account to a new email service or if you want to transfer data to a different account. In some cases, you can back up all your mail locally.

Luckily, Gmail provides the option to back up your data using third-party apps, or you can also completely back up files to your local hard drive or external hard drive using Google’s data tool. In this article, we will discuss how to download Gmail contacts and messages using the Gmail data backup tool provided by Google. All it takes is to archive the email data you want to protect to local storage and export those archives to disk via Data Tools.

Back up Gmail to hard drive

Open your Gmail account .

In the upper right corner, click My Account .

Go to the Personal Information and Privacy page .

Click Control your content .

To create an archive with a copy of your data, click CREATE ARCHIVE .

This will take you to the data download page. On this page, you will see a complete list of Google products that you can select and back up. From the full list of Google products, you can only select a few products to archive. To archive Mail, in the “Select data to include” section, click SELECT NO .

Now scroll down to find Mail and toggle the button to select.

Click the Next button .

Choose file type as .zip or .tgz. Zip files are generally preferred as they can be easily opened on most computers.

Select a shipping method from the list of options. You are given the option to download the link via email, Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive.

After choosing a shipping method, click on the account link and click Create archive .

A window will appear with the message “The archive of your mail data is currently being prepared .”

Generation of your archived data will take an approximate time of a day or more depending on the number of emails and the sending of the download link for the selected shipping method.

When you receive the message, open it and click Download Archive to store it securely on your local computer or external hard drive. During the download process, you may be asked to sign in again to start the download. It should be noted that archiving software must be installed on your system to extract data downloaded from an archive.

If you want to save Gmail emails and attachments , you may have to use this Chrome extension.

There is another tool that might interest you. Gmail Backup is a third party free software that backs up all emails from your Gmail account to a local drive or removable drive. You can download it here.

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