How to avoid waves of spam in Google Calendar

In recent days, a large number of users are echoing that they are receiving spam on Google Calendar . They are seeing how unwanted invitations are added to their calendars, and it seems that spammers have found a way to add them through synchronization with Gmail. Next, we explain how to avoid or solve this problem.

In order not to receive more spam we must change the configuration of Google Calendar

First of all, we must access our Google Calendar page and once the page loads, we press the gear (located in the upper part on the right) and select the option ‘ Settings’ .

We wait until the configuration panel opens. Once inside, in the side panel we select the option ‘ Event settings’.

Now, we must change the option ‘Yes’ in the section ‘Add invitations automatically’ to ‘No, show only the invitations to which I have responded’

Prevent Google Calendar from adding events from Gmail

As we have mentioned before, it is possible that one of the problems is due to the calendar being synchronized with Gmail, and this is what the ‘spammers’ could be taking advantage of.

To avoid this, we go back to the side panel and select the option ‘Gmail Events’ And within this section we uncheck the option ‘Automatically add Gmail events to my calendar’

Finally, when we uncheck the option, a warning message will appear, we click ‘Accept’ .

Remove unwanted invitations

Now, we have already changed the settings so that no unwanted events are added. However, the rejected events will continue to be displayed even if crossed out.

To hide them, we go back to the side panel and select ‘Display options’ and then uncheck the ‘Show rejected events’ box

Once these parameters have been modified, we should no longer receive these waves of ‘spam’. However, Google has not yet provided a solution to this problem , so modifying the settings is, until now, the only way to avoid ‘spam’ attacks.

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