How to avoid theft in our business

The shoplifting are common. In fact, many companies take these thefts into account at the billing level and consider that 2% of their business will go to this type of debts. However, they should be avoided as much as possible so that we can continue to grow with our small business.

LideraTv talks to us this week about thefts and cash counts . It is common not to have a manager who manages the accounts of a business or directly that we enter the money in the bank without consulting it. Some take advantage of this to earn an “extra salary.”

According to some studies, 1% of thefts are carried out by employees while the other 1% are perpetrators. In both cases we can take into account some measures to lower this percentage even more:

  • Have an account manager and review them personally
  • Bonus employees so they don’t need to steal
  • Video surveillance
  • Control the loading and unloading of the material
  • Do weekly routine checks

With these ideas we will help to reduce thefts or, at least, we will make things more difficult for thieves who want to take something from our business.

by Abdullah Sam
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