How To avoid being spied on by the Mac camera

Privacy is something that should always be taken into account when making an electronic product such as a Mac. Remote access to a webcam is a practice that cybercriminals do quite frequently and that is why it should always be observed. stuffy. In this case a privacy shield can be used. In this article we show you the best ones.

What to look for in this type of protectors?

As we have mentioned previously, there are currently numerous security holes in any operating system that can put you in check. Webcams are a perfect device for any hacker with enough knowledge to activate it and see through it without your knowledge. That is why since there was a great boom in this type of case, it is advisable to keep it covered and only uncover it when you are going to use it. This makes it really important to have a protector that meets the following points:

  • Opening system : when we talk about camera protectors we must bear in mind that throughout the day you will need to remove it to use it. This makes it really important to choose a model that has a suitable opening and closing system. In this case you will not have to be constantly gluing it and detaching it, since you will simply have to open a tab. Being this eyelash design one of the most comfortable to use on a daily basis.
  • Design : design is another point that should always be taken into account when buying any type of accessory. In the market you can find models that have sober colors, but also others that are more colorful and that attract a lot of attention.
  • Price : another of the most important points when making any type of purchase. Keep in mind that this type of accessory is quite simple and that is why it does not have a too high price. It will depend mainly on how many units you bring in the pack and also the quality of the material used.

Options that have a more basic design

If you are a person who likes to have accessories with a rather basic design, you should know that in Amazon you will find many suitable protectors. In this case, it stands out for having colors that are basic and normally dark. Here we show you the best options that can be found.


Sliding cover for mobile phone and computer cameras. In this way you can decide when to block and when to leave the camera open, always protecting your privacy. For greater comfort, this plastic cover has been manufactured following the highest quality standards that are governed in Germany, the country of manufacture.

Keep in mind that it has a design that makes installation quite easy. Specifically, it stands out for having a thickness of 0.8 mm, thus having absolute control over the webcam integrated in the electronic device. To avoid affecting the performance of the camera, the fact that it is thin will prevent it from entering the angle of view of the camera and it is also totally resistant.


Privise Protector


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Cover your Mac’s webcam when not in use and prevent hackers from spying on you thanks to this ivoler protector. It glides on quickly when you need to use the camera. Keep in mind that this is a protector that is not compatible with 16-inch Mac screens as the space between the screen and the keyboard is narrower. It has an ultra-thin design of only 0.7 mm ensuring that the screen can always be closed correctly.

It stands out how easy it is to use since it has an extra-strong fixation. Simply remove the paper on the back and align it with the camera. When it is perfectly positioned you will simply have to press for 15 seconds. This pack includes a total of three different units that can be stored as spare parts and also for other equipment.


Ivoler protectors


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Without a doubt one of the options that can be found with a cheaper price. This pack from actecom includes three pieces of webcam covers with a sliding design. It is important to note that it is really easy to use with gluing through a double-sided adhesive tape that can be glued and peeled off in a very simple way. This glided adhesive can be applied and removed easily.

The cover is ultra-thin with a thickness of 1mm and also light. This means that at any time you can close the cover of the Mac without having problems when it fits. Its objective is to ensure the privacy of users without having to suffer inconveniences in your comfort when using the device on a day-to-day basis.


Actecom protector


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Ideal to share with all your friends who want to preserve privacy on their mobiles or laptops. This is because in this pack you will find a total of 10 webcam protectors at a really low price. They are also totally opaque to be able to have a greater control of privacy being completely calm from any computer attack.

It is quite simple to use since it has a double-sided tape, which allows it to be glued and detached quite easily. Likewise, if it suffers any damage, you can always replace it with a totally new model. The construction materials are quite good although it is quite cheap. This means that you can have a quality accessory placed on your computer.


KING protectors


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If you are looking for quality, this is the best option you can buy on Amazon. It’s thinner than a credit card at just 6mm thick and compatible with all MacBook Pros and MacBook Airs. The manufacturer promises that at no time you will notice that you have it installed since it will not change the way you close your computer on a daily basis. This is something important since if it is not designed well you can see how the computer does not close properly.

Added to this is also the possibility of using it in the front camera of the iPhone, and even in the rear of the iPhone 8 or 7. It is easy to install since you simply have to align with your webcam and connect it by pressing firmly for 15 seconds to get a strong result. The glue used does not damage the device unless it is abrasive.


Imluckies protector


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Other more striking alternatives

It may be the case that these designs that we have discussed so far are not to your liking. That is why you should know that on Amazon you can find other protectors that have a much more striking design. Here we show you the best that can be found in the online store.


This cover is really attractive as it has a small panda printed with its hands over its eyes. The general color of the protector can be found in both black and white. It offers great ease since you simply have to use an adhesive tape to be able to stick it to the computer chassis. This is really resistant so it can be applied without leaving a trace.

When you don’t need to use the camera, you can easily slide the cover off. The unique design makes it easy to enjoy without any hassle. It has a super slim 0.07 centimeter design that cannot be detected when the lid is closed. Keep in mind that this pack includes a total of 8 camera protectors to share with whoever you want.


JeoPoom Protector


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In this case, the KIWI brand has different models of webcam protectors with quite varied designs. Specifically, there is a background that is red, the sliding area, and the upper part can be found in black and also in white. This is also done so that the striking letter ‘C’ appears in red, indicating that the camera is being used.

Likewise, this brand also offers designs that are more sober completely in black but with a glossy finish and not in matte. The size is quite small, specifically 9 × 18 mm and an ultra-thin thickness of 0.8 mm. This means that, as in the previous cases, it is not possible to notice in any case that you have the protector in place when the lid is closed.


KIWI cap


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Wide set of webcam protectors that have a quite different design in each case. It can be found at first with a white or black background. But at the top you can find a drawing of eyes, a caravel or a simple heart. You will always get two of these, having at the end a pack with six units of webcam protectors.

It has a sliding design to make it really easy to use. The installation according to the manufacturers will only take you 10 seconds thanks to the adhesive part that it includes. You just have to align the hole with the hole and press until it is very firm. The thickness is 0.6 mm making you not perceive the protector at any time.


Karbome protector


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From the CAMeleon brand you could not have a protector that did not have a graphic related to the chameleon . It is 100% effective to protect your privacy, since just by sliding your finger you can say goodbye to the curious and spying. In addition, it also protects the lens from any type of damage that may finally be caused by misusing the computer.

It is designed for all models and devices, whether it is a smartphone, tablet or laptop like the Mac. It should be noted that it has a really thin design with a thickness of less than 1 mm so that you can close the equipment without causing any type of damage. The hold is perfect since being perfectly adjusted can finally achieve adequate privacy.


CAMeleon protector


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If you are a true fan of pandas, this is undoubtedly the product you should buy. The package includes a set that comes with six pieces, thus meeting your daily needs. It does not interfere with the use of the webcam or the indicator light that comes with the camera. In addition, the manufacturer promises at all times that the protector will not cause any damage to the camera.

It is easy to install as it has a strong adhesive so that the cover does not fall off at any time. The thickness is 7 mm so it will not affect the closure of the lid nor will it damage the chassis itself, always being like new. This makes it highly recommended to use this type of protector that will respect your computer.


Nothers protectors


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Which one do we recommend?

There are many protectors that can be found on Amazon in relation to webcam protection. We must highlight two of these protectors. The first one is the imluckies one that is built with high quality materials. In this way you will have an accessory quite suitable for your Mac or for any device that has a front camera. It also offers maximum resistance and also a quality fastening system preventing it from falling easily.

But if you are a person who is looking for a different design, you can bet on KIWI . It has a red background and a surface that is black or white. The really curious thing is that with the lid open, a large ‘C’ is formed in red so that you can quickly know that you are using the webcam and be careful with your privacy at all times.


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