How to automatically post YouTube videos to WordPress with Zapier?

Around 10 digital tools are used every day to carry out different work activities. Moving from one platform to another can take a long time, reducing productivity and effectiveness at work. What if everything is better done in one place? Here you will learn how to automatically post YouTube videos to WordPress with Zapier.

Email, social networks, the work blog and many other applications are used every day to carry out work days. Switching from one to the other can lead to distractions and wasted time . To avoid this there is Zapier, a digital platform that allows you to automate tasks, schedule meetings and connect tools. Everything in one place, that is, you can, for example, insert timelines, tweets , put social media buttons , among other things.

Zapier What is it about?

Zapier is a tool that allows you to manage your workflow . In it you have the possibility to connect different digital platforms and automate the tasks in each of them. In other words, Zapier connects the software of different programs so that they communicate with each other.

In this way you can automate the publications and make them on the different social networks from the same platform. An example of this is automatically posting YouTube videos to WordPress with Zapier.

Best of all, it is a totally free tool at its basic level, which is actually quite complete. But if you are looking for more advanced functions, with only USD 20 a month you will have access to all of them.

What to do to automatically post YouTube videos to WordPress with Zapier?


To automatically publish a YouTube video in WordPress you must bear in mind that this process must be done from your YouTube account, you cannot do it from third-party accounts. As in the WordPress page, you must be the administrator of it to be able to carry out the automation.

Steps to follow to automatically post videos

The first step to automatically post YouTube videos to WordPress with Zapier is to go to the Zapier website and create an account with your Google email. If you have more than one Gmail you can carry out this procedure with all of them, in this way you can do up to five automations with each of your accounts.

Then, on the Zapier dashboard, click on the “Make a Zap” button. It will take you to a page where you will see a bar with a drop-down menu with many applications. Among all of them you must choose YouTube. Then three options will appear. You must click the “New video in Channel” option and then select the ” Save ” button.

Now you must proceed to select the account you want to connect with Zapier. For this you must click on the option “Connect an Account”. It will open a window where you will have to select the email that is connected to the YouTube account. When you have already added the account you must click the ” Text ” button and then the ” Continue ” button .

To end the connection between the two platforms and be able to automatically publish YouTube videos in WordPress with Zapier, it only remains to copy the link of your channel in the bar that the page shows us.

Then you will have to select between three options that Zapier offers you. These are samples of the videos that you have published on your channel. After you’ve reviewed the options, select one to perform the connection tests.

Connect WordPress

Following the first steps explained above, connect the WordPress application with Zapier . After following these steps the next thing is to define the characteristics of the post. In the corresponding boxes you must select the option to publish the new YouTube video. You can do this by clicking on them to display the menu.

The next thing is to click the ” Continue ” button , review the test post and publish them to verify that all the steps were followed correctly. To avoid doing this process again, you just have to click Continue and Activate the Zap.

And voila, now you know how to use Zap. If for some reason you stop liking it or it does not work for you then try inserting YouTube videos in WordPress with plugins instead of with this app, and in turn look for another way to add share buttons on social networks .


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