How to automatically play the audio on the slides?

Power Point is certainly one of those programs that does not go out of style over the years, regardless of age or geographical location, it is used by many people even from a very young age. Children are able to learn how to use it and adults get the most out of it with all the advanced functions. In which are the editing of slides with effects of entry, exit and even sounds.

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  1. What are the audio formats that I can add to the slides?
    1. .Mp3
    2. .Wav
    3. .my
  2. What other methods are there to add audio to my slides?
  3. How to customize the audio on the slides?
    1. Audio length
    2. Volume
    3. Animate text with audio

What are the audio formats that I can add to the slides?

A slide show that includes audio can drastically change the perception of the receiving audience. It is completely striking and in addition to adding a plus in visual dynamics. Power Point is a very noble program , in the sense that it supports various types of audio files in playback. In which stands out .Mp3, .Wav, .mis, MIDI, WMA, among others.


This audio format is accepted for being light in weight, since they are files that are compressed and are easy to load. For this reason most songs are presented in .mp3 and can be added to slides.


The .Wav format type is also one of those accepted in presentations, however its main characteristic is that it maintains the quality of the audio, that is, it is not compressed in any way. For this reason it is a slightly heavier file and that added to the content of the slide generates a greater file weight.


Files with the .mis format are not so common, even many applications do not support this type of format. But curiously in the slides if they support them, however you need certain special programs to be able to open them normally on the pc.

What other methods are there to add audio to my slides?

As in any program, it has different solutions for the same function. In this case there is more than one way to add sounds to your slides. It is only necessary to be located in the insert menu , specifically in the multimedia part.

In this menu there are 3 ways to add audio to your slides . The first is as file audio, these are the audios that you have stored on your computer and that you can select directly from this option. The formats it supports are those named above.

The second option is clip art audio, which is embedded in the same program. Depending on the Office suite, you will have options set as basic, however you can browse and download more options.

The last option is to record an audio, it can be using your own voice or some recording. However, it will only be available in the latest versions of Office .

How to customize the audio on the slides?

Sometimes audios will be added to the slides that will not always be as a final product to be used, but a small modification must be made. Power Point allows you to edit the duration of the audio , the volume and animate the text with the audio. It must be taken into account that the audio must first be added, then it is selected and the program will launch two “new” editing tabs.

Audio length

You can modify the length of the audio if you don’t intend to use it all for a single slide, and if you want to place it on several of the same song, you can edit each specific part on each slide.


To get a little more attention from the audience, you can control the volume if it is very low you can turn it up a bit and this way the presentation will be a little more striking.

Animate text with audio

This function is used in the case of wanting to add some audio to a text, it can be done in the command ‘animations’, and then ‘effect options’. In this menu you will find various types of auditory animations that you can add to the text.


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