How to automatically plant in farmland in Minecraft

As you already know Minecraf t, it is not only about building worlds, tools or weapons, you should also use a space in your home to grow different food items. In this article we are going to teach you a very practical way to grow crops. Yes, as you hear it and we will show you the steps to follow so that you can automatically plant in farmland in Minecraft.

As always so that you can do anything in these worlds you must collect certain materials and combine them with each other. We will tell you what materials you need, how to find it and the exact way to use it, so that you can have an automatic culture.

That is, if you must choose what type of plant you are going to plant, so that you spend the necessary time you can harvest, potato, corn, tomato, etc.

What fascinates many users who are immersed in this world of adventure and constant creation , is that you always find something new to do.

We have already seen this in many tutorials, where you learn to harvest, to kill dragons, to perform enchantments. You also know many techniques and what some tools or the use of dangerous vegetables such as poisonous potato are for .

How to automatically plant in farmland in Minecraft

And to start this great tutorial, we will start with indicating the materials that you will need and you can automatically plant in farmland in Minecraft .

And in principle you will use the following 3 Repeaters, red earth or Red Stone , Hoppers those that are necessary, chests, dispensers necessary quantity, Water buckets, 1 Button, Block that any type to cover.

And finally, what we are going to grow or plant , once we have all these materials on hand, we can proceed to sowing.

In our particular case we are going to take an area that has 7 x 6 blocks and we are going to fill it with dirt. Of course, if you want to make it bigger or smaller, it is allowed, everything to your liking.

The next step is to take the dispensers and we will place them on top of the green wool blocks. On the sides of your garden you can place blocks of stones , but you must be careful to make a hole in the middle of the garden so that the water can go through there. Once these holes are made, we are going to fill them with water.

Next steps to automatically plant in farmland in Minecraft

The next step is to place buckets of water in the dispensers , you must make sure of that, now we will randomly pass the soil and it will hydrate thanks to the water that we have previously placed. Then where you have placed the water, you must put stone blocks on top, this done, we are not going to place at the back of where the dispensers are.

Now comes a very interesting step and it consists of placing the Stone network repeaters , first on the right side of the stone block. Try to put the repeater in the middle, this way the signal from the Stone network will be strong. The next step is to place a double chest on the left side of the stone blocks.

In this area you can store the crops that we collect in our garden, so that this works in this way. We are going to connect the hoppers to the chest , in this way the crop will be transferred to the area where it will be stored. The final step will be to add a button, this we will place without problems in the Stone network.

Once finished with these steps, we can start with the cultivation, as we already mentioned, you can cultivate whatever you want. Now you just have to wait for the plants to grow and if you want to see the magic of your automatic cultivation you just have to press the button and you will see how magical it will be.

The process may seem a bit long, but it is not the case, it is just that we have explained it to you in a very didactic way so that you can understand the steps very well.

The end result will be incredible and then you can dedicate yourself to something else. But best of all, you have learned how to automatically plant in farmland in Minecraft .


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