How to Attract your dream custome

Attract your dream customer

If you are going to attract your dream customer, it can be good to know who your dream customer is. Who would you really like to work with? Who gives you energy and joy to work with? How can you help your dream customer in your area?

There is a big misconception about niching oneself towards a customer and contacting his customer. Many people think that their customers should tell them what service they should offer 
Or rather, that’s not what I teach in the work of attracting your dream customers. Your customer should NOT tell you what to work on.

Your PASSION, your area, what you are passionate about and have knowledge of can NEVER change your customers. You KNOW what you are good at and what you want to teach and share with the world (if you are unsure of that, you can take the course Find your passion ).

What you need to find out is WHAT in your area your dream customers need help with and most important of all…. 

You should capture their words and sentences, their FEELINGS about their frustration and longing in your area. In other words, you should get to know them heart to heart. Then you can meet them where they stand and they will feel that you want and can help them.

If you want to learn more about this, you are warmly welcome to a free online workshop “Attract your dream customer” where you can learn the basics of attracting your dream customer. 

Who fits the workshop?

Are you a soulful businesswoman who no longer buys into the idea that it must be difficult and tough to run a business. It creeps into your body when you hear the words fight and perform hard. You do not believe in working in resistance at all, but the opposite. You feel deep inside that it should certainly be possible to run a business from the heart and with ease and joy. Then the workshop suits you. 

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