How to attract customers to your business

There is nothing more frustrating for someone who has invested in a business, looking at your front door and not seeing new customers coming in. This can happen for several reasons, mainly because it is a new business, which has had little publicity, or the point where your establishment is barely visible to the general public.

Of course, there is no perfect formula for these new customers to get to know your service or everyone would follow the primer and have a very busy and successful business. But there are tips that can be very useful, aiming at a greater flow of new and loyal customers. We have separated some for you.

·                                 Events attract audiences

Hold an event at your store and attract new, potential and loyal customers. This tactic applies to the opening of your business or when new products arrive.

Invite them to take a look at your items for sale and create ways to attract your audience to the event. Just putting a sign on the “launch on a certain day” door is not the best way to invite people.

To do this, bet on the internet, create an event, invite potential customers and seek to arouse the interest of people with a good invitation. Offer a cocktail, food and drink “for free” always attracts audiences.

From the moment they enter your event, try to treat them like a potential customer, try to win them over, because the investment of your event will bring you these opportunities, and you must seize them! Prepare a way to present your products to customers in the best possible way.

·                                 Partnership with other companies

A partnership with other local businesses, asking to advertise your establishment or the event you are going to do for your customers is also a good idea (you should also announce their events later). Of course, these partnerships must be made with establishments in other segments, but they can interconnect.

Like a clothing store, which can partner with a seamstress. Or a cleaning products store, which can partner with a laundry. These are just some examples of partnerships that can be made, generating positive results for both. One helping the other.

·                                 Have a plan for rainy days

Rainy days are tragic for those who work in commerce. This is because most people do not leave home on rainy days, or just go home from work, after all, the leisure of rainy days is being comfortable on your couch.

In that case, you need to program yourself, thinking about which target customers you can work with on rainy days.

Find out who are the most interested in your products and send messages or Whatsapp, offering your products and inviting them to know, this will make the customer feel special and the chance of making a good purchase is much greater.

Studying deliveries with motoboys or conditionals are also a good alternative to make rainy days pay off. If your customer doesn’t come to you: go to him.

·                                 Go beyond ambient sound

Some North American brands choose an ambient sound based on the personal taste of their customers (the question is already included in the registration). By doing a general analysis, you can select the soundtrack as the majority of your audience likes. If you have only one customer in the store, you can access your registration and see your preference by selecting a sound that suits the customer. This is a very good alternative to make you feel special and at ease in your store.

·                                 Mix products from different prices

This will make sure that the customer who is interested in your showcase does not think that your store is too expensive or just cheap products. This makes it possible for you to add the audience that prefers a more affordable product, and the audience that opts for something more refined.

With this, your store will be better polarized, getting more customers to be interested in your business when they are often just passing through and looking at your window. 

·                                 Organize your showcase

The strategy is to know how to arrange the goods in the right way. Try not to overfill the place, choose the most wanted articles, place promotions and launches. Try to display goods that are related to each other, making the consumer feel the need to take other products.

The composition of the colors in the window must be chosen carefully, each shade refers to a “sensation” to the consumer. Yellow stimulates optimism, red refers to urgency, black recalls the sophistication used in the sale of luxury items. For the showcase of cleaning products, for example, it is interesting to use the colors blue and white, they provoke the feeling of hygiene, freshness and cleanliness, ideal for this segment. In a promotional action or liquidation the combination of yellow and red is great.

But remember to always inform the prices of the products displayed in the window, not showing the value can result in customer losses.

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·                                 Invest in digital media

If you can’t compete with your client’s mobile screen, be on it. At that moment you should not get stuck, release your creativity and innovate. It is already possible with software, to track a registered customer and publicize promotions to your target audience. This also serves to spread the news of the store and give discount coupons. With globalization, you need to be everywhere you can, not just your physical store.

·                                 Participate in events

Events are also a good alternative for you to reinvent yourself. There you will be able to learn about the new trends in your segment and look for alternatives to always improve.

Fairs are also a good option to make your business more visible, to promote business and for the public to stay inside your establishment.

We hope that our tips have helped you in the difficult mission of attracting customers. We hope you have better results every day. If in doubt, leave a comment.


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